December Style

December is the coziest, coziest month!! We thrive in the cold, wintery months… and so does our sense of fashion. See what Bianca and Kate are rockin’ around the Christmas Tree.

Bianca’s Style

Just looking at my December style makes me giddy and excited for the holidays! Is there anything better than a chunky knit sweater? Nope – so, check! Hat, mitten, scarf – check! EOS in Sweet Mint [I dare you to not lick your lips] to keep my lips from getting chapped, and cruelty-free Zoya polish is as festive as it gets. Gold jewelry, a hooded jacket, boots, and a statement bag – love the message. Last but certainly not least… a candy cane for my cravings. Cause girlfriend can’t get enough candy canes.

The entire outfit screams HELLO, I’M READY FOR CHRISTMAS. And that is fine. Because I AM!! Anyone else? xx Bianca

Kate’s Style

Kate's December Style - The Friendly FIg

I’m going the holiday party route here – join me, won’t you? Loving the kimono look this month (but with a more modest neckline since I’m actually not JLo), and a structured jacket is always a good idea. Why not play up a conservative dress with a high winter heel that says your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard? And quilted = cozy…tis the season for that…so a lil quilted bag is just the thing. Top it off with a red matte lip and a sock bun, and you’ll have Santa baby around your little finger. Which has a feather ring on it.

Happy holidazzlings, darlings!  -kb


Note: We’re using Polyvore to put together what our “typical” style would be, which means a few things: No, we do not shop at expensive retail stores. We’re H&M girls, and Target is not below us. We’ll never pass up a good bargain. But hey, let’s have some fun. Girls can dream, right? On a similar note, we prefer to shop cruelty-free. In most cases, we may not be checking the accuracy of this. Please keep this in mind when you are admiring our individual styles. Thanks! <3


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