Cruelty-Free Stocking Stuffers

Cruelty-Free Stocking Stuffers

Just a few days ago, I put together a Holiday Gift Guide for the vegan in your life. This week, how about them stocking stuffers?! If you’re anything like me, your obsessed with this concept. Trinkets, knick-knacks, whatever-the-hell shouldn’t be put into a box… love it. And to whoever gets this exact stocking that I have put together… well damn. That person REALLY loves you. Now let’s get to shopping…

#1: ZOYA Nail Polish. Cruelty-free, baby. Give a girlfriend some glitz and glam in their life, will ya? Hard to choose just one!

#2: Earth Balance Mac & Cheese. They just need to try it, okay? At $3-change a pop, I think this falls into the category of stocking stuffer. Plus, who doesn’t want food?

#3: LUSH essentials. Vegan and incredible. I mean, look at their online store. I want one of everything, please. Featured above are Love Lettuce face mask for dry winter skin & Dashing Santa bath bomb.

#4: Cute Pins. Vegan Chick? Hell yeah. Super cute – so many to choose from!

#5: Facial Wipes. Who could say no to Yes To Cucumber facial wipes? No one. That’s why it’s called YES TO. Right? Perfect for those nights when you just want to faceplant into your bed – just a few wipes and you’ll be dreaming of Norman Reedus in no time. [Sara and I say “Sweet Daryl Dixon Dreams!” before signing off for the night. No lie. Don’t judge.]

#6: Vegan Chocolate. Endangered Species Chocolate is the best ever – plus they have holiday flavors. Stuff that stocking to the brim!!

#7: Eye Shadow. This e.l.f. Studio 36-Piece Geometic Eyeshadow Book is only $4.80 and has quite a wide range of color.

#8: Soy Candle. Mrs. Meyer’s Cranberry Soy Candle Tin is the perfect stocking stuffer – for only $2.99! For that price, you can afford to buy one for yourself, too. Merry Christmas to me.

#9: EOS lip balm. Cause it’s cruelty-free, cute, compact, and easy to find in your Mary Poppins purse.

#10: Brush Set. You can never go wrong with a good ‘ol make-up brush set. This one from e.l.f. is only $12 – steal!!

What do you want in your stocking this year? xx Bianca