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11 #VeganProbz, as Told By GIFs

I had so much fun writing the first GIF post, A Vegan Diet in a Nutshell, As Told By 24 GIFs, that I decided to tackle another one. Honestly, it may seem like a lot of work… but hey, you are laughing like a maniac the whole time. Works for me!! So, 11 #VeganProbz? See what awful problems us vegans face on a daily basis. No cheese? Oh, the horror.

#1: B12 lectures. [FYI: B12 comes from soil, not animals. So I’ll just go eat some dirt, motherfuckers.]


#2: Nana puts “just a little bit of sausage” in the kale and beans, for flavor.


#3: You can no longer indulge in office birthday cake. [Unless you work with a bunch of vegans, in which case, JEALOUS.]


#4: Getting excited for a veggie burger at a restaurant, but finding out there is egg in it.

no god

#5: Now you’re forced to order a boring garden-fucking-salad.


#6: Nothing substitutes cheese. Absolutely nothing. [Sorry, Daiya.]


#7: Everyone is eating ice cream at the local parlor, and you’re sitting there eating shitty sorbet.


#8: Eating too many accidentally-vegan Oreos and being like:


#9: When someone asks the deserted island question.


#10: Going to a vegan restaurant and not knowing what to order. So, you order everything.


#11: When someone tries to tell you why you shouldn’t be vegan.


Okay all joking aside, these aren’t “real” problems, and honestly… I have come to terms with all of it! But hey, we gotta laugh at ourselves every once in a while! What kinda #veganprobz do you face? Share – let’s have a laugh! xx Bianca


4 thoughts on “11 #VeganProbz, as Told By GIFs

  1. #10 is so definitely true. It’s like a ‘last meal’ mentality. Have to order and taste as much as possible, since you never know when you’ll eat such good vegan food again.

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