January Style Inspiration

January Style

January, January, January. You’re not half bad, as Kate so lovingly pointed out earlier in the week. Pretty low key in terms of style, though. See how Kate and I are kickin’ it in terms of fashion.

Bianca’s Style

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 3.21.30 PM

I’m still digging red this month. January is pretty simple for me in terms of style. Nothing too fancy going on. This is actually me on a typical day – dark denim and a black top. I like basic outfits so that I can dress the shit up out of them. Gimme my gold – love the headband! I have a similar one – anyone who knows me knows about my excessive headband collection. I also have a red pea coat, which is a perfect addition for a pop of color. Oh and seriously… this color combo with polka dots? I’m a class act, bitches. Now excuse me while I kick it in my Converse.

Kate’s Style

Kate's January Style - The Friendly Fig

This is me this month, and pretty much all winter long, tbh. A printed dress, oversized cardigan and knee-high boots over dark tights. I’m wearing blue because that’s how I’m feeling after a couple months of nightfall at 3pm. Big fan of burgundy tights. With socks – I also rock socks and they don’t match my outfit (or each other). I almost always wear a scarf, and almost never take it off. Same for my glasses this time of year. (I swore I had some contacts in this giant bag that’s filled to capacity with everything I don’t need and nothing I really do!)

Hell. That’s January for you, and welcome to it.  -Eeyore (kb)

Note: We’re using Polyvore to put together what our “typical” style would be, which means a few things: No, we do not shop at expensive retail stores. We’re H&M girls, and Target is not below us. We’ll never pass up a good bargain. But hey, let’s have some fun. Girls can dream, right? On a similar note, we prefer to shop cruelty-free. In most cases, we may not be checking the accuracy of this. Please keep this in mind when you are admiring our individual styles. Thanks! <3


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