Vegan Dorm Room Essentials

10 Vegan Dorm Room Essentials

Every once in a while, I miss those college days. The days where I could snack on anything, at any time. The days where I would hit Dunkin Donuts to grab my blueberry iced coffee before a boring lecture. (Somehow, the time went by faster while be preoccupied with caffeine and a straw to chew on?) Oh, and the days where it was completely acceptable to eat convenience store food at 8 am – thank you, Cumby’s.

Then I remember all the homework and shit, and I’m good with where I am in life now. With the spring semester starting up, I thought now would be a good time to help you budget for all dem vegan snacks you’ll be pigging out on at 3 o’clock in the morning during crunch time. You may be a poor college student, but it’s certainly not because you’re vegan.

The Inexpensive Essentials

#1: Roasted Garlic Hummus by Sabra. Got a mini-fridge? Good, you’ll need it. Hummus is a vegan’s dream – it’s versatile and tastes like garlic. You may be #winning, but your breath isn’t. It’s fine. Price: About $4 for a tub, depending on your store

#2: Pretzel Rods by Synder’s of Hanover. To go with your garlic hummus, of course. Price: $3.49 for a family-style roomie-style bag

#3: Dark Chocolate Dreams by Peanut Butter & Company. Because who doesn’t love eating peanut butter from the spoon at 1AM? Protein and brain power, baby. And while you’re at it, might as well browse all their other flavors because there is no shortage in “Oh my fucking God, is that real?” flavors. Price: $6 online, DEFINITELY less in retail. I score mine at Job Lot for $3.50.

#4: Dried fruit. Dried cranberries are always a good choice. You can eat them alone, toss them in a trail mix, or add to your salad. Price: 2.99 for a 5 oz. bag

#5: Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt by So Delicious. Wakey wakey, it’s time for vegan breakie. This yogurt by So Delicious is super filling and creamy. Get down with it. Price: $1-$1.50, depending on store.

#6: Ramen Noodle Soup in Oriental. You’re not a college student unless you’ve eaten Ramen. That’s basically it. Price: .99 cents, you cheap betch.

EDIT: The above brand is *NOT* vegan. For vegan Oriental Ramen, always choose Nissin Top Ramen. Thank you Kelly for bringing this to our attention!

#7: Trader Joe’s Refried Black Beans with Jalepeño Peppers. Feeling Mexican? Throw on a sombrero and get down with these cheap ass beans. Filling, healthy, and vegan. Price: .99 cents a can – holla!

#8: Raw almonds. Or the nut that tickles your fancy. But almonds are a great brain food to have around, and are easy to nosh on during class. Price: About $5.99 a lb, depending on where you shop

#9: Twizzlers. Honestly, everyone needs some shitty candy stocked in their dorm. Twizzlers are vegan, so there you have it. Price: $2.50 for 1-lb bag. Not too shabby.

#10: Bananas. Because they are easy to carry around and super versatile. Eat as is, in a smoothie, on toast, with peanut butter, in a sandwich, frozen… seriously. You need ’em on hand. Price: As low as .49 cents a lb.

What are/were your dorm room essentials as a vegan? There are so many options – I am merely scraping the surface over here! Share in the comments, because some poor college student’s bank account is depending on it. xx Bianca


10 thoughts on “10 Vegan Dorm Room Essentials

  1. I absolutely LOVE the so delicious coconut milk icecream! This is my favorite brand of vegan and/or diary-free icecream. I have tried a whole much of different flavors from them and my favorite is the cookie dough one!

    • Kelly – thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I apologize – it is Nissin Top Ramen that is vegan. I have made the edit to the content in the post. I appreciate it and again, sorry for the confusion!

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