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22 Things That Have Happened to You in the Car

We’ve all got ’em: car probz. Stuff that only happens when you’re cruisin. Here are 22 things that only happen in the car, as told by gifs.

1. When you drop a fry…

Dropped - The Friendly Fig

2. When you’re not sure where your phone went, but it has to be in here somewhere.

Jack - The Friendly Fig

3. When you weren’t expecting company, and someone gets in your super messy ride.

Spongebob - The Friendly Fig

4. When you’re pretending you drive a much fancier whip than you actually do.

Princess Diaries - The Friendly Fig

5. When you call a radio station on repeat to try and win crappy concert tix.

The Office - The Friendly Fig

6. When someone way out of your age range cat calls you from the next car over.

Clueless - The Friendly Fig

7. When someone you know pulls up parallel to your vehicle and tries to get your attention.

Friends - The Friendly Fig

8. When you flip someone off, and then you are caught side by side at the next light.

Genie - The Friendly Fig

9. When you’re singing your heart out (Xtina style) and notice the person next to you is staring.

Shocked - The Friendly Fig

10. When you can’t wait to get away from that one asshole on the road.

Cruela - The Friendly Fig

11. When you park way too close to someone, and they come to try and get in their car while you’re still in yours.

Jesse - The Friendly Fig

12. When someone leaves a shopping cart too close to your car.

Angry - The Friendly Fig

13. When you’re riding that line and make everyone on board pray you don’t run out of gas.

Praying - The Friendly Fig

14. When you hit black ice.

Dead - The Friendly Fig

15. When you fart right before someone gets in.

Hiding - The Friendly Fig

16. When you need a napkin, and your glove compartment is fresh out of them.

Hermoine - The Friendly Fig

17. When you pull a bit too far away from the drive-thru window.

Awkward - The Friendly Fig

18. When someone sees you talking and doesn’t realize it’s to your kid in the backseat.

Crazy - The Friendly Fig

19. When you think you’re getting pulled over, but it ends up being someone else.

Ice - The Friendly Fig

20. When your jam comes on the radio.

Excited - The Friendly Fig

21. When someone’s riding your ass.

Back Off - The Friendly Fig

22. When you’re riding someone’s ass.

Angelica - The Friendly Fig

What are your top car problems? Share them in the comments and we’ll gear up for round 2. Stay safe out there, speedsters.



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