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DIY Birch Bark Vase

I don’t know how, but I’ve accumulated between 8 and 27 vases in the past few years. You too? Then read on for a super quick DIY idea from one of the least crafty bitches around. This one’s for your kitchen. Or dining room. Or your brain, for future use.

We had a church wedding, and an outdoor tent reception in my aunt and uncle’s backyard. It was a whimsy summer celebration, and my cousin Jennifer created all of the floral details…from her own garden…with our wedding colors and ambiance in mind.

Garden - The Friendly Fig

How special is that? I honestly think it made the day. The girl has got incredible talent!

In planning, Jen suggested we use birch bark with some of the arrangements. I said, “Sure! Yes. Absolutely… do we do that?” I’m picturing chopping down the cherry tree, George Washington style. But here’s all you really do: visit a crafting website and order some. It comes in tubes, which you can place over one of the bajillion vases you already own. Google “birch bark tubes.” Boom.



This worked beautifully on the big (94-degree July) day.

Birch bark - The Friendly Fig

And when the wedding came and went, I liked the look too much to part with the vases. So I repurposed them to hold our kitchen utensils, like this:


I smile every time I see them there on the counter. Okay, not every time. That would be weird. But they do make me happy, and conjure up fond memories!

You could also place candles in there for some lovely decor, or rustic centerpieces.

Candles - The Friendly Fig

Have a quick and crafty idea of your own? Share them plz!




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