February Style Inspiration

February Style

Bianca’s birthday. Walking Dead S5 Part 2. Romance. The start of Pisces.

February, you’re perfect.

Bianca’s Style

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 10.57.05 AM
Guess who’s a HUGE February fan? This February baby, of course. It’s my month! A lot of people don’t like February & I can kinda see why… you know… just sitting here waiting for spring and all. But I’m a big fan. For one, hello birthday. Also, I am a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Oh, and Walking Dead is coming back for round 2, so there’s that. Daryl Dixon would never miss my birthday ;) So, I gotta say, it’s pretty great! Style-wise, I’m feeling comfy as usual. Pink and red for that romantic vibe. I recently bought a pair of slip-ons similar to the ones pictured, and I am obsessed with them. Also still not over my Disney vaca from last month, so I am sipping out of my new mugs!  Trying to write more this month, so a notebook and pen will be in my big black bag constantly. Oh oh oh, and hello 5th grade self – I bought cruelty-free Lip Smackers!  Wrap a scarf around my neck with lots of bright patterns to dress up the dark, & gimme gimme gimme gold jewelry. Perfection. Now gimme dat vegan bday cake. xx Bianca

Kate’s Style

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 1.57.22 PM
So it’s February, and I’m still diggin the maroon and denim color combo, surprising no one! Highly familiar with this Feb-wear look. The beanie is clutch to keep cozy in a chilly workspace. A button-down, pair of soft skinny jeans and some mombat boots help me outlast the longest of days. If you haven’t tried ELF’s jumbo lip gloss stick yet, you haven’t lived. Bianca turned me on to the Pink Umbrellas shade and I can’t get enough. Lastly, I’m topping things off with a cheery bag to brighten things up. It doesn’t match and IDGAF. I’m too busy caffeinating, and silently pleading with the groundhog to NOT see his shadow. :) -kb

Note: We’re using Polyvore to put together what our “typical” style would be, which means a few things: No, we do not shop at expensive retail stores. We’re H&M girls, and Target is not below us. We’ll never pass up a good bargain. But hey, let’s have some fun. Girls can dream, right? On a similar note, we prefer to shop cruelty-free. In most cases, we may not be checking the accuracy of this. Please keep this in mind when you are admiring our individual styles. Thanks! <3