Vegan Valentine's Day Candy

10 Vegan Valentine’s Day Candies

Valentine’s Day is coming quick – have you gotten your special someone a little something? Candy may be cliché, but come on… everyone loves candy. Add a homemade card, and you have yourself a wonderful, inexpensive, and thoughtful gift! If your celebrating a vegan Valentine’s Day, don’t think that all hope is lost. There are plenty of vegan candy options, and we have 10 right here [plus some cheesy-ass notes as an added bonus].

#1: Hot Tamales. Grab a couple boxes, and make sure you add a message: “You’re a hottie,” or “Let’s heat things up tonight.” SO. MANY. PUNS.

#2: Trader Joe’s Pound Plus 72% Dark Chocolate Bar. Because who doesn’t want a pound of dark chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

#3: Ring Pops. Diamond rings are overrated, right? Give your cutie a Ring Pop this V-day, or 10.

#4: Endangered Species Chocolate Bars. Dark chocolate with blueberries, anyone? How about with raspberries? Or sea salt? Or almond? Or hazelnut? There are so many options, your head will spin. Find these at your local Whole Foods or Stop & Shop!

#5: Atomic Fireballs. Confession: This is my all-time favorite hard candy, so when I found out they were vegan… *jumps for joy* So if your lover would enjoy this, grab a big ‘ol bucket and attach a quick note. Cheesy ideas include: “You get me fired up,” or you know… “You light a fire in my loins” – whatever floats your boat.

#6: Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsWe all know Reeses are out of the question, but guess what? We got something even BETTER THAN REESES. Justin’s PB cups are at the top of the charts, people. Trust me, your love will thank you.

#7: Trader Joe’s 73% Belgian Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils. No, I’m not talking about those sad excuses of a candy Snowcaps bullshit. I’m talking REAL DEAL chocolate non-pareils. These blow the non-vegan version out of the water.

#8: SweeTarts Hearts. SweeTarts for my sweetheart. Cause you know, not everyone is a raging chocoholic.

#9: Theo Chocolate Covered Ginger. Ginger + dark chocolate is a sexy combo for your sexy Valentine. Seriously, treat them to what I consider luxury of the chocolate bar world.

#10: Swedish Fish. “You’re the only fish in the sea for me.” Besides these bad boys.

You’ll be making out and then some once your Valentine sets their eyes on these candies you. xx Bianca



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    • They are delish! Just make sure they are dark chocolate ;)

      Someone recently told me that they added milk to them, but I never saw that in the dark chocolate… just FYI in case you want to check, too. I will be checking next time I grab a pack, too!

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