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Make Way for Duckling

It is with great pride and sheer terror that I announce the addition of the newest little Figlet to our crazy party. I’m writing to you today as a mother of two – and I don’t mean my cats. Baby Brierley, the sequel, arrives in September!

Pregnancy - The Friendly Fig

We are overjoyed. But since I’m being real with you in the realest sense, here’s what’s running through my head:

  1. Is there enough room in my heart?
  2. Is there enough room in my home?
  3. Is there enough room in my biggest pair of maternity jorts?
  4. Is my son going to be pissed / even notice that his reign as commander in chief is ending?
  5. Will I ever get down time with my other half again?

If you have wisdom, humor, or cupcakes you’d like to share…you know…share them. If you have well wishes for Bianca as she deals with my hormonal ass for weeks on end, we’re gonna need those, too. :-*



8 thoughts on “Make Way for Duckling

  1. God girl, I can’t help you here. I have all of the same fears. My son is 16 months and my hubby and I want another but between the two I’ve got my hands full. I think though… you just kinda make room. I remember being afraid to find room for my son and now he’s my world. I imagine with two, you’d have a whole universe :) Congrats and lots of love!

    • I feel you! I have heard from others (and seen from their experiences) that your heart and life just open even wider, and it works. I’m putting my trust in that, and just going with it. Finally getting over that feeling-terrible-always stage. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for the luck and love, and same to you! <3

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