What I’m Loving Wednesday

Music, shopping, television. The usual. But lots of new and exciting things I’ve been loving lately. Check them out!
1. Loose Leaf Tea


John and I have taken two tea classes at Margaret’s Fine Imports in Pittsburgh. Margaret offers a level 1 class and a level 2 class and both were great! I learned so much about brewing tea and proper techniques. And let me tell you, loose leaf may be a little extra effort, but it’s so worth it. Find your local loose leaf tea shop and stock up! If you’re in Pittsburgh, there are two that I recommend: Margaret’s and Gryphon’s. (Bonus: Most tea shops also sell bulk spices. You can get super fresh, whole nutmeg, crystallized ginger, and lots of other yummy stuff.)

2. Fringe


Am I really behind the times on this? I recently started watching Fringe on Netflix and I am obsessed. It’s all I think about. It’s all I want to do. Every night I go home, have dinner, then plant myself firmly on the couch and binge on two or three episodes until bedtime. Olivia is such a strong female character in a genre where women typically aren’t written to be strong and still embrace their natural emotions. Plus, I mean, watching grown up Pacey Whitter solve crimes and look moody is always a great way to spend my evenings. Anyone else love this show? No spoilers, please.

3. Christmas Tree Shops

christmas tree shops

When I lived in Rhode Island, I went to Christmas Tree Shops weekly. The first time Bianca and I hung out, just the two of us, that’s where we went to do a little browsing. (And in case you’re curious, it was obviously love at first sight for Bianca and me because we are still going strong <3) But now I live in Pittsburgh, and there are no stores here, and I am very sad. If you’re unfamiliar with Christmas Tree Shops, no it is not a store that sells Christmas trees, though I’m sure they do sell some around the holidays. It’s this amazing store that sells everything from food to furniture to gardening tools to kitchen gear (those beautiful bowls for $3 each!). And all CHEAP. There are definitely some hits and misses, but most of the stuff is really gorgeous! I’m heading to a conference in Hershey this week (RIP healthy eating. Give me all the chocolate.), and there’s a Christmas Tree Shops in Harrisburg, and I am just so excited to stop by. I’m nuts.

4. This Image

let yourself rest

Summer is always my busy season. Trips to see friends and family, events to attend, lots of stuff to get done. It seems to have started early, and I have a ton going on both personally and professionally. I believe in rest and taking days off whenever you need them. Without a little break, my quality of work nosedives and I become a terrible person that you would never want to be around. I’m in the process of planning an end of summer getaway so I can recharge after everything I have coming up. Believe it or not it will be my first real vacation that isn’t with family or a trip to see family or friends. Family and friends, I love you, but sometimes it’s nice just to get away and not have any obligations. My first vacation! How can that even be?! Already can’t wait and it’s not even booked yet!

5. Tor Miller


Please please please listen to Tor Miller. He’s sort of Hozier-like (who I also love and have written about in past posts), he’s 19, he’s from Brooklyn, and that’s about all you need to know other than this kid is great. He’s a rave review if you need more convincing.

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