Vegan Superfoods

Rainbow of Vegan Superfoods

I’m a sucker for color. Bold, beautiful, delicious colors. I mean, I’m sure everyone can tell from my growing fiestaware collection [seriously, choosing which color I will eat with dinner every night is riveting for me]. Aside from my “happy plates,” I love how bright my meals are. From smoothie bowls to pizza – bold fruits and veggies are always winning my heart over. So, with my crazy-love for color, I thought it may be nice to create a “rainbow” of vegan superfoods that you should be incorporating into your diet.

Before we begin, I’ll be straight with you – these so-called “superfoods” can be pricey. You may take a quick look at the sticker and be like whoa, fuck that B. But hear me out: YOU WILL NOT BE BUYING THESE PRODUCTS EVERY WEEK. In some cases, not even every month. Generally, a little goes a long way when it comes to the following. Sure, my bag of cacao powder cost about $8 but it lasts me at LEAST a month, with use every other day or so. It’s not as bad as it seems!

Trust me? Okay, good. Moving onto the goods.

#1: Goji Berries. Pretty, pretty berry. Like most berries, they are exploding with antioxidants. More specifically, they can aid in eye health due to cartenoids. Need vitamins B, C, and E? Goji berries got ya covered. This is an all-around great addition to your diet. Top a smoothie bowl, add to trail mix, or toss into your salad for a tangy bite. // cost: $10-20, depending on market

#2: Turmeric. Can you say, powerful as hell? Turmeric has been used in ancient Chinese and Indian health systems because it is a crazy-powerful anti-inflammatory. Some studies have even alluded to the fact that it can help in the prevention of cancer. Also, what a gorgeous color, right?! Season a dish with powdered turmeric or add some to your morning smoothie for an bright and sunny start to the day. // cost: $3-5, depending

#3: Nutritional Yeast. There it is – the ultimate superfood for vegans. Aside from being your #1 replacement for cheese, nutritional yeast actually serves a damn good purpose. B12, baby! Everyone is already worried about B12, but nutritional yeast has you covered. It is also packed with various other vitamins, fiber, and more. Sprinkle some into a bowl of fresh-popped popcorn – that’s a tried and true way to enjoy it. // cost: averaging around $7-10, depending on where you buy

#4: Avocado. This is probably my favorite meme ever. S’cute, right? But seriously, quit making avocados cry!! They ARE full of fat – HEALTHY fats that protects your ticker. So do not be afraid to toss a half of an avocado into your daily diet. They are super versatile, too: smoothies, salad, on toast, or just gut that sucker with a spoon and call it a meal. The best part? These babies are cheapie cheap! // cost: between .50 cents and $1, depending on market

#5: Wheat Grass. Now this is one superfood that you may need to acquire a taste for. Chlorophyl is not the tastiest, but it will do a hell of a job at detoxifying your insides. It is also packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and much more. You can buy juice, powder, or even make your own wheat grass juice. Add to smoothies – I recommend lots of fruit to throw off the earthy taste (unless it doesn’t bother you!) // cost: anywhere between $15-30, depending

#5: Spirulina. A cyanobacteria. Huh? I know… I am still trying to get used to this one, but it is so so good for you! It is a blue-green algae, full of protein, B vitamins, omegas, chlorophyl, calcium… the whole nine. So it detoxifies, helps you meet your protein quota, and can keep your bones healthy. Just try adding it to a smoothie, but I suggest adding a ton of fruit (especially pineapple) to help with the taste. It’s worth it. // cost: $10-15, depending

#7: Blueberries. Blueberries are simple, right? Simple, but bursting at the seams with antioxidants. In fact, one study shows that “just one cup of berries provides all the disease-fighting antioxidants you need in a single day.”  Oh, nature… you really are the best candy-maker in town.  Antioxidants in blueberries particularly can help fight disease and improve brain function. Sign. us. up. // cost: between $2-5, depending

#8: Acai. Ah, the bold fruit from the Amazon. Acai is packed with antioxidants, which is what it is primarily known for. Aside from that, it is also full of amino acids and essential fatty acids for your vegan diet. Buy the powder and add it to your morning smoothie for an extra kick. You know my motto, right? Eat your antioxidants! // cost: between $18-25, depending on brand

There are a ton of other vegan superfoods out there – not just the ones in line with the rainbow! I’ll be tackling a few others over time – stay tuned, babeh. Oh, and add your favorite superfood to the comment section – I need #allthesuperfoods! xx bianca




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  1. I am all about the ginger and flax seeds! Ginger in my smoothies (and just about everything else) and flax seeds on my salads!

    • Oooh how could I forget ginger?! That’s one of my faves, too. Flax meal and oil is the best – I’ll have to add these to round 2. Thanks for adding them!!

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