How to Have a Nice Day

10 Ways to Bring Good Vibes to Your Day

Spread good vibes like it’s going out of style.

#1: Find your mantra and eat it up. Literally. I recently had this Kind Vibes spoon (pictured above) created by TheVintageSpoonPress. Kind vibes is my mantra, and there’s no better start to my day than eating my breakfast with a spoon that says it all. It’s my constant reminder, and it really does help set the vibe for the day. What’s your mantra?

#2: Blast your favorite song while getting ready. I’m an early bird, so this may be easier said than done for some, but WAKE UP AND SING. Loud and proud. I blast my current favorites every morning and it’s wonderful. If it helps, create a morning playlist on Spotify. A few of my current faves: Can You Blame Me by Matt & Kim, Helena Beat by Foster the People, and I’m Good by The Mowgli’s.

#3: Drink a cup of sunshine. And by this, I mean a golden glass of turmeric milk. Turmeric is an anti-depressant, among other things that I call out in that recipe post.


#4: Say thanks with a peace sign. A few years ago, I was at a 4-way intersection when a woman across from me flashed me a peace sign rather than the typical “thanks” wave. It honestly made my whole day. I try to do this every once in a while, if I remember! You never know, it could make someone’s day. I mean… I still remember this complete stranger to this day. That’s saying something!

#5: Take a picture with a pineapple. “A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.” I don’t know about any of you, but pineapples are just so damn gorgeous to me. Grab one, have a photoshoot, and then eat your pretty little heart out.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.38.18 AM

#6: Stick a positive note somewhere. Live with your boyfriend/husband? Add a love note to their lunch. Roomie? Stick an insider on a post-it and put it on the bathroom mirror. Still at home? Moms always like a quick “I love you” note. And don’t just assume strangers are out of the picture, gf. Scribble down “I hope your day is so so awesome” on a post-it and leave it in a public place. I bet your note will be Instagrammed quite a few times.

#7: Drink out of a funky straw. Seriously, stock up on these party striped straws and watch how much more instagram-able your morning green smoothie gets. Who knew a straw could bring good vibes? #littlethings

#8: Savor one good piece of dark chocolate. Preferably at the beginning of your day. Sometimes, I’ll have just a small square of dark chocolate first thing in the morning to #1, satisfy my sweet tooth, and #2, because I can! And when I say savor… I mean savor it, baby. No gobbling up that shit. Here’s one of my favorite homemade superfood cacao bark recipes – packed with antioxidants, so you know it’s good.


#9: Feast your eyes on what makes you happy. Not to be all “just browse Pinterest and waste your life,” but sometimes technology is on our side. This past winter, I was losing my mind with the crappy weather we were having. I logged into Pinterest, and searched “summer vibes.” Oh, the pictures that showed up. I went on a pinning frenzy to my Pretty People & Things board, and my mood was instantly boosted. Images are powerful, and I suggest you create your own mood board, whether digital or handmade. I also have a Plant-Based Vibes board that keeps me crazyinlove with my life.

#10: Make edible art with plants. Fruits and veggies are not only good to eat, but good for your soul. If you don’t have a good time making a pretty picture with bright, bold, and whole ingredients, then I don’t even know. “Don’t play with your food” doesn’t apply to adults, thank God.
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.49.37 AM

Life is as sweet as you make it, lovely.  xx bianca


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