April Style Inspiration

April Style

Spring is here, spring is here, spring is here! Time to take off those layers, baby.

Bianca’s Style

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.43.44 AM


I’ve got a simple spring style, folks! Skinnies and a gray v-neck – no jacket!! Well, this is New England… so I may need a little something, but for the sake of my sanity, I am going to say it’s sunny and 70’s. Classic black sunnies, pink polish to compliment the floral pattern of the Vans. Those vans, though. Joe bought them for me last year and they make me really happy. Basic bag and accessories like whoa. Still madly in love with midi rings. Gah, love this style. xx bianca

Kate’s Style

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Let’s lighten up, shall we? Okay, I know I’m rockin’ them gray tones here, but look, ma – NO SOCKS! It’s Tom’s season, baby doll. And this tank, so breezy. The blazer adds a touch of seriousness to an otherwise whimsy look, and can be promptly removed in the event of spontaneity and fun. I always feel like my Kate Spade bow earrings say, “Take me seriously, but not too seriously.” And this in-between attitude is what April is made of, after all. Not early spring, not early summer…just the here and now. -kb


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