What I’m Loving Wednesday

There is no shortage of inspiration around you. Stop and take a look. In the meantime, here’s what’s inspiring me these days.

#1: Matt and Kim


Have you ever listened to these two crazies? I have a lot to say. I’ll bullet-point it out… because I need to get my thoughts together. There’s too much to say.

  • Matt and Kim music is the happiest music you will listen to – ever.
  • Matt and Kim play keys and drums – that’s it.
  • They make an AWFUL lot of noise for just that!
  • They are DATING – how cool is that? I wanna be in a band with my bf!
  • They met in college. Kim saw Matt on campus and told her friend, “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of that dude.” #TrueLove
  • Kim grew up in Rhode Island – represent, baby!
  • I just saw them for the first time on Sunday… checkmark off my bucket list. Plus, HOLY CRAP. I can’t begin to describe the energy they bring – you just need to experience it for yourself. One of my top 3 fave shows of all time, for sure. And I go to a lot of shows! Plus, I want Kim’s bangin’ bod… and I just want Matt. Period. That smile. That voice. That positivity. He’s sexy.

smileBut then again… I couldn’t do that to Kim. Look how in love:


So really, just do yourself a favor and go listen. It doesn’t matter which album. It’s alllll good vibes.

#2: Top Buns & Bangs


I am a huge fan of bangs, and go on and off with them. I am currently “off” but planning on going back to bangs come fall. I’m loving this look!

#3: Minerals, Rocks, & Gems

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.48.23 AM

I just can’t really get enough of looking at the beauty that is minerals. I totally feel like Hank from Breaking Bad [dammit, they’re minerals, marie!]. But seriously, I’m dying to decorate my house with these babies. Also, this lamp. Which I bought already.

#4: Plant-Based Vibes


Honestly, I can’t stop pinning pretty pictures of fruits and veggies and goodness. All-natural goodness really gets me going, apparently. My Pinterest board is growing and growing and growing [no pun intended].

#5: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Can’t stop, won’t stop watching this show. I am on my second run already, and it just gets funnier. Tina Fey, you’ve done it again, you witty betch. As a crazy Office fan, I jumped right on board. Ellie Kemper is fantastic, but Titus steals the show. BE MY BEST FRIEND, TITUS.

What’s inspiring you? xx bianca

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