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10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts

If you had to pick one social network to stay on, and only one, what would it be? Mine would hands down be Instagram, because there is no shortage of color, serious inspiration, and good people. A few months back, I had the honor to be included on Hold the Eggplant’s post about her favorite instagram accounts (you’re the sweetest, Chrissy!) and I thought it would be fun to do the same. I wish I could include… basically everyone that I follow, because hello… there is a reason why I follow you! Instead, I am painfully choosing my top 10.

So, here we go. The following instagram accounts feed my soul in the best way possible.

#1: @abeautifulmessofficial

So, this is my favorite blog of all time. It’s actually what really inspired me to start my own! So naturally, I love love love their instagram feed. Vibrant, inspiring, and positive vibes like whoa. If you haven’t checked out Elsie & Emma on their blog, please do! You’ll fall in love with these two.

#2: @ohdeardrea

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Ohdeardrea is right, gf. I can’t go to her feed without wanting to travel the world, run out and buy new area rugs, and smash down every wall in my home to get more natural light. Seriously… your life is so so beautiful. Your photos capture the happiest vibes of all time. And I want your wardrobe and home decor… and basically everything else. Did I mention she’s vegan?

#3: @hold_the_eggplant

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Right back atcha, Chrissy! Chrissy and I “e-met” through our blogs, and now I can’t get enough of what she’s up to. From delicious (and professional!) vegan dishes to funny vegan memes to her adorable-I-just-wanna-squeeze-ya cather instagram feed is super inspiring.

#4: @tallulahalexandra

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Get down with your goddess vibes with a little help from Alexandra. I just love the color and composition of all her photos. So gorgeous, and her message is all-around inspiring.

#5: @nourishingjessica

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I found Jessica’s instagram a while back, and now I wait for her breakfast post every morning. I feel like my day can begin when I see what she’s munching on! Her smoothie bowls look to die for, so if that’s your thing… go follow!

#6: @seasonalveghead

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I love Jaime! As usual, we e-met through blogging and I have been a fan ever since. Her recipes are almost always vegan or could easily be veganized, so I am always drooling. Just take a look at her beautiful, colorful feed and you’ll see for yourself.

#7: @pumpkinandpb

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Huge fan of Liz at Pumpkin and Peanut Butter, and her instagram feed is loaded with her awesomeness. Super colorful, clean, and it will having you drooling, I swear to you.

#8: @boom.misha.boom

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Misha is such a free spirit – I just love her. I found her blog (actually through her husband, Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday) and fell in love with her attitude towards life. From rocks to positive energy and vibes, her insta feed is filled with things I looove. Oh, and her kids are just the cutest. Go see!

#9: @greedyveganbeast

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The Greedy Vegan Beast… it’s just food porn, smoothie porn, color porn. Krislin has a knack for photography, and the colors that pop on her page are absolutely stunning. You will love!

#10: @thisrawsomeveganlife

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Oh, Emily. All I’ll say is that this gorgeous girl’s photo feed makes me all sorts of happy. I dare you to not fall in love with her way of life and message.

I hope I opened your eyes to a few beautiful accounts – now go on follow! Oh, and share some of your favorites in the comments, please :) xx bianca


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