Seinfeld Nails - The Friendly Fig

Cruelty Free Nails: Seinfeld Edition

Man hands and Bubble Boys and invitations, oh my! So. many. possibilities. here.

Not familiar with what we’re doing here? Well, please meet your favorite moments from your favorite TV shows, morphed into color form. That’s right…we set them to nail colors for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to visit other shows we’ve covered, and holler at us with future requests. So far, we’ve got Friends, The OfficeGilmore Girls, and The Walking Dead.

NOTE: These are not the real names of the polishes – this is just for fun! Click into post to see all 20. We’re partial to Zoya polish round here. Thanks for the inspo, Zoya! (Click the picture to enlarge.)
Seinfeld - The Friendly Fig

  1. Seinfeld (Tamsen, $9)
  2. Hello, Newman (Song, $9)
  3. Puffy Shirt (Jane, $9)
  4. Chocolate Babka (Emilia, $9)
  5. Chicken Roaster (Blaze, $9)
  6. Soup Nazi (Sienna, $9)
  7. Dreamcoat (Daul, $9)
  8. Marine Biologist (Muse, $9)
  9. Pez Dispenser (Pippa, $9)
  10. King Edward’s Cake (Piaf, $9)
  11. Christmas Card (Rina, $9)
  12. The Dingo (Flynn, $9)
  13. Dance Floor (Goldie, $9)
  14. I Was In The Pool! (Rebel, $9)
  15. Spongeworthy (Payton, $9)
  16. Schindler’s List Makeout (Claudine, $9)
  17. Peach Schnappes (Tanzy, $9)
  18. Man Hands (Blu, $9)
  19. Shrinkage (Medori, $9)
  20. Cashmere (Glimmer, $9)

We think this list would make Jerry damn proud.




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