Seattle Recap & Recommendations

John and I just got back from Seattle. We were there visiting a friend of John’s from college and just exploring the city. I LOVED it and could definitely see myself living there! Here are a few photos from our trip, and some links to vegan-friendly restaurants we went to!

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Seattle overall was really friendly to people with special diets. Most places we visited had vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Here are a few places we went to:

  • Darby’s Cafe (Olympia) – Vegan bloody marys, plus a chai tea with rum. Obviously what I ordered.
  • Theo Chocolate – Bean to bar chocolate factory. You’ve probably seen these bars in stores! The retail store sells a lot of things that aren’t available anywhere else, and many of them are vegan.
  • Cafe Mox – You can borrow a board game (for free) and play while you eat/drink.
  • The Hi-Life – We went for breakfast, but I saw a lot of vegan options on the menu for every meal.
  • Cafe Turko – By far the BEST meal we ate while there. Turkish food with a really cool atmosphere.
  • Olympia Food Co-op – Stopped here on the way to the airport. They had a great food bar! If you haven’t checked out your local co-op, you’re missing out.

xo Sara


7 thoughts on “Seattle Recap & Recommendations

  1. I’m so jealous!! I’ve been wanting to visit Seattle for so long and you just got me even more anxious to go. I’ll definitely have to pin this for restaurant tips once I finally make it there. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

  2. I live in Seattle! Next time you come check out THRIVE. It’s a fully raw vegan cafe and the staff there are so nice! Also, there are two Chaco Canyon locations that are mostly raw and all vegan. They have coloring books, tarot cards, and all sorts of odds and ends for you to play with while you wait for your food. Wayward Cafe is my favorite “junk food” cafe. Just because they fry a lot of their foods and use a ton of soy products. (I’m partial to using all non-soy in my diet). Full Tilt Ice cream has a ton of vegan ice cream options and Cupcake Royale has DELICIOUS vegan cupcakes that are so beautiful. I get them for my birthday every year. I wish I could give you the grand tour!

    • Oh don’t worry, I will definitely be back. I loved it! All the food was amazing; so many restaurants and everywhere had vegan options! It was amazing.

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