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12 Motivational Images to Get Your Ass in Gear

Confession: This veganism thing is new to me. And hard for me. For a long time I did “Vegan Before 6,” where the majority of what I ate was vegan. Then I decided to make the full switch. And I still slip up sometimes. I’m working on it, but I’m not making myself feel bad about it. I am a work in progress! As Bianca likes to say, “Do the least harm, and the most good.” I love her for that.

I know the torture animals go through for us to have meat, dairy, eggs. I’ve seen the documentaries. I’ve read the articles and looked at the pictures. I’ve texted back and forth with Bianca (And anyone else who will listen. Just ask my saint of a boyfriend and my patient mother.) about the horrors of the dairy industry (I can’t get over mama cows mourning their babies. I can’t.) and the animal testing industry. But sometimes, there’s nothing like a well-designed quote graphic to motivate you, right? Just ask my Pinterest board.

So if you’re like me, this is for you. If you’re a die-hard vegan who hasn’t had an animal product touch your lips for years, you may not need this as much as me. But everyone can use a little extra motivation or confirmation that you’re doing the right thing. Me? I’ll print these out and put them all over the place.

1. Veganism is nothing to be proud of.

2. The least I can do.

3. My body will not be a tomb.

4. Life is too short.
life is too short

5. Animals are here with us.

6. If you can’t stand watching.

7. Your bacon.

8. Can’t love your animals & eat them too.
big cartel

9. Don’t be sorry.
dont be sorry

10. The greatest ethical test.
ethical test

11. Animals are our friends.

12. The idea thats some lives matter less.

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  1. Great post! I loved this. I always know I’m either going to be hungry or inspired after reading your posts. And I’m always impressed!

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