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Style: Retro Inspiration

When it comes to style posts, I usually say, “I’ll pass.” Who cares if I can get a celebrity lookalike dress for the bargain price of $326, when the actress paid 20x that? If you’re like me, that figure is more in the “monthly grocery” and less in the “weekly fashion allowance” budget. Ain’t no shame in that, sister!

But today I’m talking about using what you’ve already got to create some classic, vintage looks. I drew inspiration from some pretty timeless ladies who you might think of as fancy with a capital F (that). They sure could be, but when they channeled their casual sides, their looks were pretty freaking simple. Here, I’ll show you…

Jackie O.:

Jackie Kennedy - style

Okay, Jackie Kennedy Onassis had plenty of reason to dress it up, being one fiercely fabulous First Lady. But she was also a beach girl, a book editor, and a hands-on mom. Jackie liked crisp silhouettes and comfort where it made sense. We can get behind that. Pair some chino’s with a classic black and white top, and you’re halfway there. (And how could we forget those iconic sunglasses?)

Jackie O. 2 - style


Audrey Hepburn:

Audrey Hepburn - style

A simple girl’s gotta love Audrey by default — she pretty much made cropped pants and flats cool. She was a “less is more” kinda gal, and more power to her! To get your Audrey on, pair some simple black-on-black pieces with a comfy flat. Add a fun headband and just enough shine to your pretty little pout, and you’re on your way!

Audrey Hepburn - style

Marilyn Monroe:

Marilyn Monroe - style

She’s not always white-dress-blowing-in-the-breeze Marilyn, and we dig that about her. Toss on a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cropped white top, and you’re good to go, casual Marilyn style. It’s always the right time for a red lip, in her opinion, and we couldn’t agree more. Can you get behind this clean, all-American look?

Marilyn Monroe - style

Who are your style inspirations — ones you actually draw everyday fashion ideas from? Let us know! And giiirl, go on with your fabulous self, no matter your style muse (or budget).




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  1. One of the main reasons why Jackie Kennedy and A. Hepburn had similiar styles is because Jackie was inspired by Hepburn’s fashion sense. :-)
    Love the break down of their styles on here! Nice post!
    -Heather Lynn

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