Vegan Desk Snacks

10 Vegan Desk Snacks

Here’s some real talk for ya: eating at your desk. I mean, it’s one of those 9-5 perks. If you have to be at your desk for at the very least, 40 hours per week, it has to come with some perks. Okay yeah, getting your salary and bennies are definitely up there. But is there anything better than passing the candy bowl on the secretary’s desk while on your way to the bathroom? Or hoarding an ungodly amount of pretzels from your bottom desk drawer? When Sara Day and I worked together, we designated our bottom drawers for SNACKS ONLY. Yes, an entire drawer. I mean, I guess client paperwork should have been organized in there rather than a pile in the corner… but priorities, people.

Now I work alongside Kate (she is literally an arms-width away from me) and we have the same deal going on. Instead, we have 2 cubbies that we call the “communal area.” Any and all snacks placed in the communal area are property of Bianca Scartabello and Kate Brierley. They will more than likely be eaten by the end of the week (BBQ nuts, people) and will be restocked come Monday morning. So basically, most people will walk by us and see this:


Ah, the joys of snacking. I thought it might be fun to point out some of my favorite vegan desk snacks. I have plenty of these on hand at all times. You should, too.

#1: Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ Almonds. These babies are considered gold in our world. Kate is usually the stocker of these nuts, but I am usually the one who goes batshit crazy over them. I need to start buying them more often. Perfect for a mid-morning snack to get you to lunch. 28 nuts in a single serving – go on, dump them out!

#2: Bananas. I’ll bring bananas to work and keep them stocked next to me. Brain food for all.

#3: Dried Apricots. Or any dried fruit, really. Kate and I really love dried apricots though. Perfect when you are trying to kill a sweet tooth.

#4: Roasted Coconut Chips from Trader Joe’s. Kate and I go crazy over these. So addictive, but thankfully the entire bag is only 2 servings… so no one feels too bad about eating the majority of them. Also, if you buy another brand, make sure they are good. Kate brought in some weird brand and they have been sitting in our cubby for months, untouched.

#5: Seasoned Kale Chips from Trader Joe’s. Salty and addictive – killer combo.

#6: Popcorn. Yes, it smells up the office [in the best way possible]. And yes, it will curb your appetite. So find your favorite vegan brand and get poppin’.

#7: Pretzel Rods. Pretzel rods plain. Pretzel rods with hummus. Pretzel rods with tahini. Pretzel rods with cookie butter. The options are endless, people. Which brings me to my next “must-have”…

#8: Jolly Ranchers. Bet you didn’t know these hard candies and lollipops were vegan! They are, and they should be stocked at your desk. You may want to hide them, though. People will definitely be coming to see you more often than you’d like.

#9: Nature’s Bakery Lemon Fig Bars. They sent me these babies in my monthly Conscious Box. Highly recommend!! Keep them at your desk for those times when everyone is eating office cake without you. [I mean… just pretend they are mini fig cakes?!]

#10: Peanut Butter. Yeah, the whole tub. Don’t be shy. After all, I did just list pretzel rods in #7… they kinda go hand-in-hand. Also, we won’t judge if you have all of those Peanut Butter & Co. varieties at a time – I definitely do.

What are some of your favorite snacks to keep at your desk? xx Bianca


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