10 Vegan Celebrities

10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Vegan

Ready for another round of inspiring vegan celebrities? These are my favorite posts to do. I always find out that more and more influential people are all aboard the compassion train. In some cases, I actually am surprised by who I find. I thought it might be fun to point out some of these guys and gals. Maybe some these will be news to you, too.

*cue new found respect*

#1: Jessica Chastain


I’m not too sure why I was so surprised by this, but I was! The actress has been vegan for the past five years and was also a vegetarian for 15 years before. The thing that I found super cool was how she handled the fried chicken scene in the [incredible] movie, The Help. She made damn sure that they were feeding her vegan chicken! Go girl.

Inspiring Quote: “I don’t normally get into this, but I’m a vegan. And I try not to, well, I don’t want to torture anything. I guess it’s about trying to live a life where I’m not contributing to the cruelty in the world… While I am on this planet, I want everyone I meet to know that I am grateful they are here.”

#2: Jenna Dewan-Tatum


Mrs. Channing Tatum is a vegetarian gone vegan. After an allergy-test that showed her to be lactose-intolerant and the horrifying footage of a dairy farm, she went vegan once and for all. She attributes her flawless skin and natural energy to her vegan diet.

Inspiring Quote: “I remember very clearly the day my mom made chicken fingers. I was like, ‘Wait, this was alive? This had parents? I’m not eating it anymore.’”  

#3: Samuel L. Jackson


Big man Sam goes vegan “to live forever.” Well, alright then. Whatever gets you over to the other side, my friend.

Inspiring Quote: “I’ve been on a vegan diet since August and I’ve lost about 40 pounds.”

#4: Casey Kasem


The late radio personality was vegan… who knew?! He was a huge supporter of animal rights and environmental causes. I used to wait for the top 40 countdown every weekend as a kid. Love Casey Kasem. May your kind soul rest in peace.

Inspiring Quote: “I am doing what I can for the animals, the Earth and my sense of ethics.”

#5: Ellie Goulding


Ellie Goulding went vegan after being vegetarian and has noticed a huge difference in her health. Her only struggle? Cheese. It’s okay – we hear ya, gf! I hope she knows about cashew cheese…

Inspiring Quote: “I’m a vegan, but that doesn’t mean I get up and leave if I’m out to dinner with someone who orders steak.”

#6: Mickey Madden


Listen, I love me some Adam Levine. But after reading this interview with the Maroon 5 bassist, Mickey, oof. New fave. He’s been a vegan for over 10 years and says “it’s hard to remember living otherwise.” Also, he gets two inspiring quotes, because I could NOT choose. Love you.

Inspiring Quote: “I’m a really big lover of animals, and, at the risk of sounding like a total hippie, I do feel more connected to the world at large and to animals.”

Inspiring Quote #2: “I have a general affection for animals and a respect for all living things. And having those sparks of interest led me to do some research, and when you dig a little below the surface, what you find is really disturbing. It kind of makes veganism seem like the only option. I can’t even conceive of going back to eating animal products at all.”

#7: Tia Mowry


Oh, sista! The Sister, Sister actress was diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition that influences fertility. Two surgeries and a plant-based diet later, Tia became pregnant with her son. She continued to research the lifestyle change and decided to stay committed to it.

Inspiring Quote: “I truly believe that along with the surgeries, changing my diet was a major factor in my ability to get pregnant. This experience ignited my passion for veganism and sparked my understanding that food can, in fact, be a form of medicine.”

#8: Erykah Badu


20 years as a vegetarian-vegan… 20 years! You go, girl. I had no idea. Just reading the quote from the cover image above gave me a whole new found respect for this lady. Missed it? See below.

Inspiring Quote: “Vegan food is soul food in its truest form. Soul food means to feed the soul. And to me, your soul is your intent. If your intent is pure, you are pure.”

#9: Michelle Pfeiffer

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.31.07 PM

Former President, Bill Clinton, inspired Michelle to turn to a vegan diet. After seeing the health benefits with her own eyes, she stuck with it. I mean, the woman is gorgeous. Not too shabby, Mich!

Inspiring Quote: “I cut out meats and dairy. After two months, my cholesterol shot down 83 points. That’s enough proof to me that it works.”

#10: Prince


The legendary singer-songwriter switched to a vegan diet in 90’s. I would have never known!

Inspiring Quote: At the end of his 1999 album, “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic,” he closed the disc with a quote from Mohandas Gandhi: “To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.”


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