Blogging Break (for now)

It’s really bittersweet to type this up. For over a year now, the Friendly Fig has been my outlet. It’s helped me through my first year of veganism, and has led me to online friendships that I just love so so much. I loved connecting with each and every one of you – you guys are my serious inspo when it comes to plant-based living. But of course… life.

Life just keeps on going, and currently, my life is prettttty hectic – but in the very best way possible. I am recently engaged! :-D That’s the best news of all, and I am just so damn happy. You can imagine how busy it is planning a wedding for next year, so that is taking up a huge chunk of my time.

Between my full-time job and two new freelance jobs that I have tackled, I have had much less energy by the time I get home. It’s exhausting, and has really taken a toll on my health. I’ve been a little more stressed, and a little less passionate. Which is tough for me to admit, but that’s just the truth. I was so afraid to even tell Sara about my decision to put this on hold (but why?!) Of course, she 100% agreed with me! She understands how crazy life gets, and she knows that health comes first and foremost.

So here I am… feeling really sad about this being posted, but it is a hard decision that I believe is the best decision for me right now. I truly hope that I can pick it back up (of course I am leaving it… I could never delete!) Hey, I may even post one-off recipes/posts if I feel the need… maybe once per week? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, right?! I’ll check-in, and I’ll most definitely keep it touch with you crazy wonderful people.

I’ll be using my old Twitter account, too. Please follow me there if you want to keep in touch! I’m excited to get it running again :)

Thank you so much for all your support, stories, comments, and just overall positive outlook on life. You guys are some of the most compassionate and kind people I have come across in life. Keep being beautiful. We’ll be around (just a little less often). xx bianca (& and sara!)


12 thoughts on “Blogging Break (for now)

  1. I’ll miss your awesome blog- I direct loads of people here for inspiration- enjoy the break and I really hope you’ll be back one day :)

    • Helen – wow, thank you so much. That makes me so happy to hear. I will try my best to post every once in a while… I don’t want to abandon all together :) xx

  2. You guys are such an inspiration! Your plant based inspiration will be SO missed!! Good luck with all the wedding planning…. I hope to see some sneak peeks on Instagram :)

    • Steffen – ah, I know! I did post this week, and I’ll be trying to post periodically until I can pick up steam again. Keep an eye out for sure, and don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter! :)

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