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gooooood morning, and a very happy friday :)

Another long week down, and still grateful for everything I have. Sure, I’d love to be able to be home 50% of the week, blogging and writing freelance and being able to go to the farmer’s market in the middle of the day, but life is life. My job is stressful, but it’s also rewarding, flexible, and fun. I always have to remind myself of that. Maybe someday I’ll be able to live off of this blog ;)

I was actually tossing around an idea to Joe recently – and so crazy, my good friend Kate mentioned it the day after I talked to Joe about it. (Weird, in a good way!) I went on and on about how nothing makes me happier than talking to people about veganism. A few different people in my life have approached me about it recently, and I can just feel the light inside me beaming. I become animated, and excited, and just SO SO happy. I mentioned this to Joe and he agreed that he sees it. “I want to just make a career out of this!” Yes the blog is a great start (and I love this outlet sooo so much) but how can I take it to the next level?

So I started thinking about consulting. I am not even sure of the demand for a vegetarian/vegan consultant, but can you image? I just know deep down that this is what I was put here to do, and I want to make it happen. Of course, I get in my head and start overthinking everything and it becomes an impossible feat… but that’s just how I am. So who knows. I feel like being here (writing this post) is just the very beginning of what I am going to accomplish in my life. I hope that this blog is the start of something very beautiful and absolutely fulfilling.

In the meantime, I will consider some of my options to get more involved in the vegan community. I may even look into getting a plant-based nutrition certificate. I’m feeling a strong pull towards this, and I think I’ll only find out where it takes me if I take the chance.

Any readers on here think that there is a market for consulting services? Whether that means an hour session for beginners or something more?

Okay – I’ve done enough rambling!! I just can’t stop thinking about it so I had to get it out ;) But now… kale chips. The easiest and most simple, healthy snack. I promised you whole recipes that took no time, and that is what I’m sticking to.


Oven: 400 F
Time: 10-15 minutes

You will need:

  • 1 bunch of kale
  • Olive oil spray (or just olive oil)
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Pink himalayan salt
  • Pepper

To make:

  • Preheat oven to 400 F.
  • Wash and dry your kale – break apart into bite-sized pieces.
  • Line a baking sheet with foil, and spray with olive oil.
  • Spread out dried kale evenly, spray with olive oil spray, and season with red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper. If you are using olive oil, toss a tbs in a bowl with all ingredients, then add to sheet.
  • Bake at 400 F for about 10-15 minutes (checking frequently to avoid burning). Judge how long based on your own oven – I know that some may work faster than others.

You’ll know they are done when they are super crunchy!

Kale chips are so messy, by the way. Mine crumbled all over the place, so you may want to have a napkin handy when eating ;)

I guess I should get up and get ready for work now… even though I just want to lounge and eat kale chips all day now. Haha. I hope your Friday is fast, and your weekend is long. <3 xx bianca


3 thoughts on “Kale Chips + Ramblings

  1. A number of years ago I considered blogging as a career. I did a lot of research and discovered some good resource materials provided by professional bloggers. After reading through their struggles to make a realistic living from their blogs it became very clear that full time blogging can’t be undertaken lightly. The effort and commitment required is much greater than it might seem at first glance. Just building a following isn’t the hardest part, but it is significant part of the job. What surprised me most in the advice on offer was how the pro’s universally consider blogging as one means of generating income from multiple income streams. Some pro’s have multiple blogs, each serving a unique niche. I discovered that blogging is a much more complicated and intense way to make a living than I first thought.

    • Hi Marvin –

      I can imagine it takes so much work and dedication. The part that scares me and gets me tripped up is monetizing in general. I started looking into it, and it’s so much more than you would think. Thankfully, I love blogging enough to do this for free – it’s just my passion and I absolutely love writing on here. I like to think – hey, if I make money doing this someday… wonderful. If not, I’m totally cool with it. As long as I still have the drive and passion for it, I’m happy :)

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

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