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Coffee Hot Spots in RI

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Let’s talk coffee. I never wanted anything to do with coffee until sophomore year of college. Surprisingly, it wasn’t because I was too tired or pulling all-nighters… it was because sipping coffee in a lecture hall somehow made the class go by faster. Maybe it’s because I had something else to do aside from listen? I have no idea, but… it helped. I would grab my iced blueberry at Bagelz on campus and be good to go.

Since then, I’ve become a coffee feen. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is grab coffee with Joe at our favorite shop and walk around town. It’s perfect. I mean… look…

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.17.40 AM

Best Rhode Island Coffee Shops

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this is Biddles in Pittsburgh, PA – not local, but love this place and this picture.

Yeah, so you can also see just how much I love to take pictures of my coffee and my feet. (So?) ;)

To feed into this obsession, I wanted to share some of my favorite spots in our small, wonderful state. Rhode Island does have some of the best coffee shops around. If you are in the area, be sure to check these places out. They are the absolute best, and have plenty of vegan options ;)

Main Street Coffee

Main Street is our main jam. It’s actually a coffee shop with a bar on the opposite side, so it’s a great hangout no matter what time of day. Awesome atmosphere, and they are the one in the main post pic with the sweet coffee sidewalk art. Love! // recommend: vanilla iced coffee

TLC Coffee Roasters

TLC coffee has my all-time favorite iced coffee. Oh man, I cannot say enough great things about this place. It’s a hidden gem in RI, and it has a beautiful wall of flavored iced coffee. You just ask for a cup and do it up yourself. S’mores is delicious, and so is Salted Caramel. But here… you just can’t beat the regular iced. // recommend: just a regular cup of iced coffee with soy milk + 2 sugar in the raw packets

Wildflour Vegan Bakery and Juice Bar

Wildflour Vegan Juice Bar and Cafe

Wildflour can do no wrong in my eyes. Aside from having the best vegan pastry in RI, their juice and coffee menu is extensive and does not disappoint (as you can see above). They carry a variety of vegan milk options, and make the best damn lattes – aka, their foam game is on point. // recommend: vanilla soy latte (or, coffee aside, the Yellow Submarine juice!)

Seven Stars Bakery

Seven Stars is not exclusively a vegan shop (I have never had any of their pastry or treats), but their coffee is no joke. They make a mean cappuccino. // recommend: soy capp

Village Hearth Bakery

The Friendly Fig

Village Hearth is in Jamestown, RI, and it always feels exclusive to me. They are only open Friday-Sunday, and serve wood-fired artisan bread and pizzas… among other treats. Their latte is wonderful, too. Foam foam foam. // recommend: vanilla soy latte


Ah, my old, trusty, college friend. I will never not love Bagelz. Not only does it hold amazing memories, but they have 20+ iced coffee flavors. They also carry Tofutti for the best bagels in RI. My go-to is a spinach bagel with tofutti cream cheese and tomato slices. YUM! // recommend: flavored iced coffee (any kind!) + handmade bagel of your choice

The Coffee n Bagel Connection

Another treasure in southern RI. The Coffee n Bagel Connection always has a line out the freaking door, and is my #1 pit stop on the way to the beach. Small, quaint, and awesome. // recommend: snowball iced coffee with soy

What are some of your favorite local spots? I’d love to hear so I can keep track for when we travel ;) And if you are from RI, please share anyone I may have missed or may not know about! Need all the suggestions. xx bianca


4 thoughts on “Coffee Hot Spots in RI

  1. Have you tried Dave’s Coffee (South Main St in Providence), White Electric (Westminister in Providence), or New Harvest (Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket)?!? All great places as well! I love Wildflour, too! Easily one of my favorite places in RI!!

    • Hey Kirsten! I haven’t tried any of these places yet, but I have heard great things about Dave’s Coffee. White Electric – the name alone intrigues me. I need to add these all to my list – thank you for the suggestions!! xx

  2. B – you should also try The Shop, Bolt, and Java Madness, if you haven’t already! Also, not officially a coffee shop but I had a bomb.com soy latte and vegan donut at The Grange last weekend for brunch (aka when PVDonuts sells out but the donut addiction is real) 😜

    • Ellen!! I am going to add these to my list… I just love the names alone. I didn’t know that the Grange served vegan donuts?! All the time? I need to go asap… bomb.com <3 thank you love!

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