Bohemian Chic Home Tips

At Home: 13 Tips for a Bohemian Chic Home

Hi friends :)

I’m writing this post with a smile plastered on my face because this topic came about in the best way. A few of you have mentioned how much you love the style and decor of my home. So yes, I am smiling! It took us a while to get where we are (almost 3 years now) and we are completely in love with the way it turned out. I am constantly adding new statement pieces and items that go with our care-free, bohemian chic vibe, and so far we’ve been pretty successful in doing so.

I thought I’d share a few ideas on here to give you guys some inspiration. If you are as in love with the idea of a boho-chic home as I am, take note. These are some of the major pieces that I believe add to the overall mood and ambiance at our place.

#1: Statement Rugs

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
I have a pretty clear obsession with rugs, and for good reason. They add character and color to all rooms, and when chosen wisely, will be the focal point of the room. The best boho-chic rugs are bold, bright, colorful patterns (like above). Don’t be afraid to mix and match rugs or layer them in some cases. The more rugs, the better (in my opinion!)

#2: Rich Colors + Patterns

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 5.57.03 AM
This brings me to my next point of colors and patterns. It’s important (and fun) to play with rich colors (think burnt orange, mustard yellow, deep pinks, reds, navy, plum, emerald, turquoise). Mixing patterns and texture is also a notable characteristic of a boho living space. It also looks Morocco-inspired, which is never a bad thing.

#3: Himalayan Salt Lamp + Candles

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
I always have my Himalayan Salt lamp turned on when I am home, and I have multiple salt lamp candles in each room for added warmth. The glow is gorgeous, and they also help cleanse and deodorize the air. Feeling crunchy yet? ;)

#4: Raw Geodes + Crystals

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
My house is loaded. Trays of raw amethyst and healing crystals – on tables, windowsills, and yes… healing crystals in the walls. When we were working on the renovations, I was blessed to have a woman come through my home with healing crystals – we placed them inside the walls before plastering, and it makes me happy to know that even though I can’t see them, they are there. You can find a wide variety of geodes on Amazon!

#5: Wildlife

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
As you know, I am an elephant lover. It should come as no surprise that I have this guy facing the front door to greet our guests. Touches of wildlife – from elephants to whale art – are statement pieces in my home. I believe any kind of animal or wildlife goes a long way in a boho home.

#6: Wicker

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
Wicker basket for blankets, wicker foot stools, and wicker chests. We also have a wicker coffee table (pictured in the featured image). While these are all different types of wicker, they are all natural and work well together. That is the beauty of wicker and basket-weaving!

#7: Pillows + Blankets

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
Pillow and blankets of all colors, patterns, and shapes. Throw them together for a mismatched look, and you’re golden. (hi minnie!)

#8: Plants

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to have a ton of real plants in the house because of the cat (boo, Minnie!) but I add what I can. Hanging plants are a great addition, and a bouquet of fresh flowers (wildflowers especially) are gorgeous. I also recommend a Mother-in-Law’s tongue – they look amazing in the corner of a room.

#9: String Lights

The Friendly Fig
What boho-chic home would be complete without warm string lights? We love ours on the ceiling of our screened-in porch. Also pictured above is my favorite wind chime – the sun and moon.

#10: Statement Art

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
This is my favorite quote in the house. I love that it’s bright, colorful, and freaking true.

#11: Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Review
Set the aura of your home with an oil diffuser. I talk more about my oil diffuser here, and think it really adds to the atmosphere and scent of your home.

#12: Natural Headboard

Bohemian Chic Home Tips
A natural wooden headboard is the focal point of our bedroom, and my favorite investment in that room. We grabbed it from an artisan on Etsy, and we could not be happier with it. Also, take note of the mood lighting and our mustard patterned comforter. Love the warm print!

#13: Unique Coffee Table Reads

Coffee Table Books
I always keep fun, light, and pretty coffee table books in the living room. My favorite is pictured above – How to Be a Wildflower, by Katie Daisy! <3

I really enjoyed writing this post! I hope that you feel inspired to shake up your own space and begin to add pieces with character. I say, whatever makes you happy, add it to your home. This is your personal space, and it should reflect everything that you love. Invest in pieces that embody who you are, and ones that make your soul happy.

Are you into the look of bohemian chic homes? Would love to hear what pieces you have in yours. Thanks for reading. xx bianca