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Eating Vegan Around the World in EPCOT

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If you know me or have been following along for a while, you know that I am obsessed with Disney World. Joe and I try our best to go once per year, and before that, my family always made a point to go every few years as we were growing up. It’s the most magical place on earth… especially for vegans.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about options in Epcot, because Joe and I will be (no shock here) honeymooning in Disney come October – YAYYYY! I am so excited, because we are going all out this time around (because duh, honeymoon!) We’re staying at the gorgeous Beach Club resort, which has a private gateway to Epcot. You can imagine we will be going there every damn night to enjoy all the food around the world. Joe and I are both foodies, so of course we are most excited for that, right?

Anyways, it had me thinking about my options around the world and I thought that this would be an awesome topic to cover here, too. I wanted to share some of my findings with you, in hopes that you’ll always go buck wild in Epcot whenever you get a chance to go ;)

Okay, let’s start right from the beginning…


While there is currently no vegetarian options at Le Cellier Steakhouse, you should call ahead and let the restaurant manager know that you would like to eat there. I’ve heard that they are great about modifying! I know a vegan who called ahead and they made her vegan risotto. I also heard the pretzel bread is vegan – just ask about it, and ask for Earth Balance butter. If you are just looking for something quick, their popcorn stand offer vegan popcorn (the “butter” is actually not butter at all, but a blend of oils!)

United Kingdom

While I have yet to see myself, I have heard reports that there are vegan candy and cookies inside the shop. Most items are properly labeled with an ingredients list, so it is worth stopping in if you are craving something sweet.


Need something sweet and refreshing? Enjoy some vegan sorbet from L’Artisan des Glaces! They offer a vegan cone, too. As for food service, Chefs de France can offer a steamed veggie dish, but nothing crazy. I would just go for the sorbet after you have had dinner someplace else.


My favorite! Not only is Morocco stunning and colorful, but it has amazing vegan options in all its restaurants. A quick stop at Tangierine Cafe for the veggie platter is a good choice. It’s filling a flavorful, but pass on the non-vegan pita bread (the last I checked, it wasn’t vegan… so maybe ask, again?) The tangerine couscous salad is to die for. If you want a special sit down dinner, Restaurant Marrakesh served me a huge plate of sautéed veggies with couscous, and it was spiced beautifully.

EDIT from fellow vegan, Flynn: “Morocco’s Spice Road Table. The veggie platter has, Baba ganoush, stuffed grape leaves, a couscous salad, and “hummus fries”/falafel sticks.” YUM!!


Sushi, anyone? Tokyo Dining offers vegan sushi, rice, seaweed salad, and edamame. Kabuki Cafe serves edamame, too – and shaved ice! Inside the store, you’ll find a ton of Japanese snacks and candies… a lot of which are vegan. Just be sure to check the ingredients label.

The American Adventure

Stop by the Liberty Inn and ask for the vegetarian chick’n sandwich – just make sure they omit any special sauces or mayo. You can also grab a side of fries.


Italy will not disappoint – especially if you are a pizza fanatic like me. Via Napoli has cheese-less pizza upon request, so you can definitely grab a pizza with red sauce and basil. Or loads of veggies piled on. YUM. Don’t forget to ask for a side salad. Also, definitely check the shop for any vegan candies or cookies that they may have.


Grab yourself a pretzel with some mustard, and you’re good to go. The pretzel is not a standard Disney pretzel, and it is AMAZING. There are also Mamba candies (all vegan) in the Werther’s caramel shop. If you want to sit down and enjoy Biergarten Restaurant: salad, cabbage, potatoes. If you are good with that, then definitely go! I’ve heard great things about their service.


I’m a little disappointed to say that China is the toughest for vegans. Everything that they serve, even vegetarian dishes, is made with chicken stock. I hope they they will change this soon. If anything, maybe check the shop for any candy or treats that may be vegan.


Akershus Royal Banquet Hall offers a vegan plate and other options, you just have to ask. I’ve heard that they have fresh fruit, a quinoa salad, pasta with veggies, and vegan ice cream for dessert. I have also heard this is a very expensive place to eat, so keep that in mind when making reservations and if the meal will be worth it.


Mexico is my other favorite – very close to Morocco. Super bold and colorful, and there are some great options for you. Aside from a yummy drink, you can hit up the quick service cafe for a large portion of chips and guacamole. It doesn’t sound like much, but I was so surprised by how large the portion and how full and satisfied I was. The restaurant San Angel Inn in Mexico has a vegetarian menu – just ask! Mostly anything on there could be made vegan. If you love Mexican food and want to soak up the gorgeous scenery in the restaurant and store, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, my top 3 experiences in Epcot were: Morocco, Mexico, and Italy. But it’s beautiful to know that most places will accommodate and there is literally an option everywhere you turn.

Anything to add to this list? If I missed something crucial and amazing, please let me know in the comments! Happy Disney dining :) xx bianca


5 thoughts on “Eating Vegan Around the World in EPCOT

  1. The Farm Fresh area has a few amazing options too! I got a arugula watermelon salad (and you could just omit the feta) and a “naan-wich” made with white beans and roasted tomatoes, that looked vegan, but you’d have to double check. I loveeeee Disney too! How fun is it that you guys are honeymooning there :)

    • Hi Liz! I need to check out the Farm Fresh Area… I don’t think I have ever seen it? The watermelon salad sounds amazinggggg. Disney’s the best <3 Thank you for your suggestions :) xx

  2. Something to remember, all the full service restaurants will allow you to speak to the chef and provide them with your dietary needs. There’s no need to order directly off the menu. Most quick service areas will provide you with their ingredients binders where you can verify the ingredients used.

    If you’re going to make reservations, mention food allergies, or vegan, they will arrange for the chef to come to the table.

    • Thank you, Dan! That’s such a great point – the chefs are always so accommodating.

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