Tips for Waking Up Early

Tips for Waking Up Early (+ Why You Should!)

Hello from 5:07 am :)

Okay – sure, 5:07 seems very early. I know. Buttttt… I don’t hate it. Most people in my life think I am absolutely insane for being such an earlybird, but I love my schedule so much. I’m so productive first thing in the morning! It’s become my time to destress and write first thing… coffee/tea, pajamas, lavender oil diffuser, and the glow of the himalayan salt lamp. Oh, and Miss Minnie snuggled by my side. While the rest of the world is quiet and still, I’m basking in the silence. It’s my time. The funny thing is, when Joe tries to get up and enjoy “my time” with me… I’m like wait, what are you doing up?! PLEASE STAY QUIET. Hahaha.

But no, I love that he is starting to adopt a smidge of the earlybird lifestyle. He used to sleep in until around 9-10, but increasingly getting up around 8 now. I love it. Even on Saturdays, we are up and at it and ready to hit the market and get weekend chores rolling. Done by 10-11am, and then free to enjoy the remainder of the day. Again, I really freaking love it.

So most of my friends (and family who get texts starting around 6am – sorry!) know that this is my schedule, and have shown interest in figuring out how the hell to start getting up earlier without being a zombie. Actually, this post is really going out to my amazing friend and co-worker, Chris!! He’s been dying for me to write this post (HI CHRIS I LOVE YOU!) It definitely does take some time to adapt to an earlier wake-up time. Before my career, I worked for a cafe and would have to be up at 4:30 am 3-4 days a week, so I was trained early on. My body just got used to it. But you don’t have to get up just because a job is waking you up. Just wake up and enjoy the quiet hours for you. I’m telling you – actually accomplishing a few things for yourself before the hustle and bustle of the day will do wonders for your mood.

I don’t have any crazy tips, but here are just a few from my own personal experience.

Start by setting your alarm clock about 30 minutes earlier each week.

If you want your body to get used to this new schedule, you’ll need to start small. Try getting up a half hour (or even less – 10 min!) earlier than usual. Each week, knock it back another 10-30 minutes. Over the course of a couple months, you may find that it is easier because your body will adjust. Without fail, my internal clock wakes me up around 5-5:30 every morning. I don’t even use an alarm anymore!

Give yourself something to look forward to.

How To Wake Up Early
A cup of coffee? The sunrise? A workout? A walk at your local track? Find something you love and make that your priority first thing. I found that waking up to write is my motivation. It sets my entire day and makes me feel like I am doing more than just getting up, getting ready, and going to work for 9 hours. I also look forward to putting on my himalayan salt lamp and oil diffuser. Peppermint is great for waking up the senses, and I use that a lot first thing in the morning. I truly “set the mood” for myself. It gets me out of bed!

Go to bed earlier.

The obvious, right? I used to be a night owl… but nope, not anymore. It’s usually lights out by 10. I start my “getting ready for bed” process around 8ish. I shower, get comfy, make popcorn, and then we usually watch a couple episodes on Netflix. Around 9:30, we head to bed to just chat and relax, and then lights out by 10. It totally works for us, and I get in my 7 hours of sleep.

Make a playlist.

This seem weird? Well, it’s fine. These are my personal tips ;) I made an early morning, calm playlist on Spotify with some of my favorite chill songs. I listen to it while I blog, and update it frequently. It’s just another great way to set the mood and enjoy the wee hours of the morning.

Don’t use snooze.

I don’t think I have ever hit the snooze button in my life. Once the alarm goes off, hello – that’s it! The alarm has spoken – get up out of bed. Once you fight the feeling to just stay for “10 more minutes,” your body won’t feel as sluggish. Plus, if you keep going in and out of sleep every 10 min, you are going to feel foggy and extra tired. It’s just not doing you any good – trust me.

Plan on breakfast.

How To Wake Up Early
Just another motivator. Okay, I know. Food isn’t supposed to be a motivator but sometimes it is… for me! When you get up early, you don’t have to suck down your morning coffee and eat cereal. You can actually take your time and make something delicious – like pancakes.

Ditch the blinds.

We use sheer curtains and keep the blinds a bit open – let the sunlight in! I used to have dark curtains to keep out the light, and trust me, that it did. When the morning light peaks in, you’ll feel much more motivated to start the day. A dark room can keep you feeling tired and sluggish.

Stay in bed for a bit, but remain awake!

How To Wake Up Early
Okay, so you really just don’t want to get out of the comfy bed. That’s fine! Start by at least waking up and grabbing your cup of tea or coffee. Head back to your comfy sheets and relax from there. Sit up and just be.

I’m pretty proud of being an earlybird – can you tell?! I’ve noticed a shift in my mental health and have felt more productive than ever before… it’s wonderful. I think if you can stick out the first few groggy weeks, your body will adjust and you’ll find just how perfect the morning hours are. Write, blog, doodle, take a run, watch the sunrise, play with your dog, cook breakfast, paint, drink a big cup of coffee, go out for breakfast at a local diner… just do something that makes your soul happy. I promise, you’ll soon be a believer in waking up at 5:07am.

Now that I’ve done what makes my soul happy, I’m off to shower and get ready for work. I hope you all have the best best day. xx bianca


8 thoughts on “Tips for Waking Up Early (+ Why You Should!)

  1. Great post! I do the same thing, up early coffee, salt lamp & lavender oil & my Boston Terrier loves it to lol.

    • Hi Arlene! I love this – it’s really the best way to wake up… especially when you have a furbaby who indulges, as well. LOL! xx

  2. My tips – go to Hawaii! The time zone difference is such that even the biggest slug a bed is up before the sun. By the time you get back you’ve gotten used to that and you fight jet lag to get back to your new old waking time. 😀

  3. Nice tips. I wish I can go Hawaii as @Andrea said :D. But I really felt tired about my waking up every morning. It was too late. Maybe I should try one more time after reading these above tips.

    • Hi Laurie – thank you! I hope the above tips do help a bit. Maybe also try doing the gradual change (5-10 min earlier each week!) I think it’s worth another shot :) xx

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