Things I'm Loving

Things I’m Loving 2

Hi friends! It’s been a little while since I’ve shared some of the things that I am loving lately, so here’s a light post for today. As you can imagine, life is crazy busy at the moment and we’re honing in on our wedding day. I’m over-the-moon excited and a big ball of nerves – Joe, too. Normal, right? Eeeee!

Wedding plans aside. Food, books, things… here’s what’s making me smile these days.

Spring Rolls

The Friendly Fig
The cravings are out of control. Homemade spring rolls or nime chow from our favorite local stop… give me all the rice wraps. I grabbed these babies on my way home from work one day because I didn’t have rice wraps at home and NEEDED THEM. Really… I can’t stop. It’s a problem.

Frozen Grapes

Things I'm Loving
Since cutting back on sugar, frozen grapes have been my before bed go-to. Besides being so addictive, they are awesome to beat the heat. End of summer days are still going strong – it’s HOT!

Harry Potter

Things I'm Loving
I know I boarded this train Hogwart’s Express about 20 years to late, but I finally got around to reading Harry Potter. And I don’t even have to explain myself here. I’ll just say… wow. Why did it take me this long? Now I REALLY can’t wait to get to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in October!!

Oh, and more frozen grapes because… life.

Oh, and… Hermione is everything.

Sriracha Hummus

Things I'm Loving
Mmmm this hummus from Trader Joe’s is awesome. I am not usually a huge fan of sriracha but I’ve been on a total kick. Paired with carrot sticks and celery, and I’m gooooood.

Moon Phases

Just because… pretty. I even started a Cosmic Love board on Pinterest.

Black-Eyed Susans

The Friendly Fig
I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately. I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something… or maybe they are just there to make me smile. Either way, loving it.

Hint Water

Things I'm Loving
I’ve never been a fan of flavored water until recently. The no-sugar thing definitely had me wanting something with a bit more flavor and we have Hint water at work. I’ve been loving them! We have kick-ass cafe employees, too. So of course, she’s been buying new flavors each week for us all to test. So far I’ve had mango grapefruit, crisp apple, watermelon, pomegranate, and blackberry. The crisp apple and mango grapefruit is my favorite. Pomegranate was blah. But anyways, definitely give them a try if you come across! Non-GMO plants and natural flavors – weeee!

Poco Loco Hash

Things I'm Loving
A Crazy Burger classic, poco loco hash is the real deal. All you have to do is ask for vegan cheese, and you’re good. If you are local, you need to go here and get it! It’s comprised of toasted tempeh, potato, wild black rice, avocado, vegan cheese, salsa, and vegan sour cream. OUT OF THIS WORLD. Plus… an english muffin on the side with avo. I can’t get enough.

What’s got your heart these days? xx bianca