Vegan Style Leather Jacket

Vegan Style: Leather Jacket

Hi guys :)

I love writing posts about my fashion finds on here! This is one that I was particularly over the moon about. As usual, all my luck with vegan finds are in Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Target. This vegan leather jacket caught my eye in TJ Maxx immediately (before I even saw the clearly marked tag). Once I did, you can only imagine my face. It went straight into the cart.

Because I mean… it was $30.

Vegan Style Leather Jacket

You may remember me saying here before that I do not currently have a 100% vegan wardrobe. I am slowly transitioning and trying my very best to get there (I already got all my beauty/household products over to cruelty-free). This is one of the reasons why I do not label myself vegan, but plant-based. I talk about that here, but you know… just a reminder.

The brand of this jacket is JouJou. Their website is not the best (you probably wouldn’t feel compelled to grab anything here… but… idk, maybe I am just a website snob because it is the field I work in). At any rate, they won me over by the quality of their product and the fact that is is 100% cruelty free while also being 100% comfortable and chic. Good pocket space, snug and fitted, and a soft hoooood! The hood on this one really sold it, because I am a sucker for hoods and it just worked with this.

I’m also happy because this is the first leather jacket I have ever owned. Yes, seriously! I just never really thought I could pull it off or something? I’ve also never really been into buying jackets – they were more of a necessity to me than a fashion statement. That has started to change and I’ve found myself drawn to them as I get older.

TJ Maxx also had a dark brown leather in the same style, so if that is more your style… go go go!

So anyways, just a short and sweet post encouraging you to go out to your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls to see just what they have in store. I swear, I walk out with something vegan everytime I visit on my lunch break. Dangerous, but oh so good. I am finally coming around to realizing that buying vegan garments/shoes/bags are really not as hard as it seems. Once you become a little more conscious and take a look at tags and labels, it’s pretty simple. I’m excited to be making the transition.

As always, if you have any more tips or tricks for this type of transition, please share with me below. I’ll take all the help I can get. xx bianca



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  1. Love what you said about being plant based, labels are tough to live up too. Great find at TJ’s, I need to check that place out more often :)

    • I’m glad you get it, Tracey :) and yes, you need to go! They are increasingly adding more vegan options! xx

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