Eating Vegan at Universal Orlando

Eating Vegan at Universal + The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Time to share my vegan experience at Universal Orlando Studios, Islands of Adventure, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I’ll be blunt and upfront about it – it’s not very vegan-friendly when you compare it to Disney. HOWEVER, it was certainly not impossible for me. I took a few photos of what I ate, and will recap some of the other items I didn’t snap but still enjoyed. Out of any place, Wizarding World was the easiest place to veganize (yay!) And the pumpkin juice was vegan, so all was well with me.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Aside from being blown away but the magic of this park, I wanted to stay solely based on the fact that they had the most vegan options for me. HARRY POTTER CAN DO NO WRONG.

We both sipped on Pumpkin Juice, which is vegan. The Butter Beer is not (boooo!) so I had to pass. Looked great, though.

Eating Vegan at Universal Orlando

Eating Vegan at Universal Orlando

What’s a trip here without a stop at Honeydukes? So much candy, and even some vegan ones. The blood pops are vegan (strawberry flavor), as well as the Pineapple Cubes, Fizzy Wizzy, and Sherbet Lemons. I grabbed all of those!

Eating Vegan at Universal Orlando

Eating Vegan at Universal Orlando

The best meal I had here was at the Three Broomsticks. I highly recommend checking it out! I ordered the broccoli and carrots (without butter), roasted potatoes, and corn on the cob (without butter). They also had a garden salad, baked potato (minus butter), and potato wedges that looked great. I actually felt great after eating this – refreshing to just pile a plate with veggies.

Eating Vegan at Universal Orlando

I stopped at one of the Magic Neep carts in Hogsmeade – it is loaded with fruit and veggies – oranges, grapes, fruit cups, and more. We both pounded a bag of grapes… which was SO sweet and delicious.

Universal Studios + Islands of Adventure

I didn’t get any pics, because there wasn’t too much (and I forgot to take a pic because I was sooo hungry). In the Jurassic Park area, we hit Burger Digs – they had a vegetarian burger but couldn’t tell me if it was vegan (meh?) so I just grabbed a plate of french fries and ketchup. They had a toppings bar with veggies, so Joe grabbed me a ton of pickles to snack on. Ha!

All the breakfast spots/bakeries were a bust… nothing for me. I grabbed a bag of Lays potato chips one day and called it breakfast. I also packed my own Clif Bars, so I ate those when I was hungry.

Thankfully, there were a couple stands with fruit/veggies, so I snacked on grapes.

Other than that, it was pretty slim pickings for me here! I was mostly impressed with Harry Potter all around – from the vibes, rides, and the food. Even if the other parks didn’t offer much, I am totally cool with it. Hopefully they will add more vegan/allergy options in the future, but for now… I’ll just hang around Diagon Alley and soak up every minute of that magical place. The cool thing is – if you think you’ll be hungry, you can take snacks into the park (Clif Bars, Larabars, nuts, etc.) Whatever you decide, it is most definitely worth going. We had a blast!

Have you been to Universal as a vegan? Share your experience! xx bianca


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