Plant-Based Diet: What I Ate

Coffee Date: Life Right Now

Hi friends :)

I follow a ton of bloggers (big shock, right?) and alway feel inspired by what I read. Most recently, I fell in love with Carrots ‘N’ Cake’s idea of a “coffee date” blog post. Tina basically just shares her coffee order and then discusses life’s happenings. It’s such a cool concept, and I wanted to give it a go – it could be fun, right? I probably won’t do this all the time, but every once in a while may be nice… I like slowing down and just talking outloud about the things weighing on my mind. I hope you guys don’t mind, and hope you’ll jump in and share what is going on in your life in the comment section below.

So here we are – our first internet coffee date. I’m drinking a soy latte! Old picture, but this is my usual order from Mokka Cofeehouse in Newport ;)

#1: Binged Gilmore Girls Revival

I won’t spoil anything, but I spent 6 hours on Black Friday binging the revival. Anyone else? I have to say… loved both Winter and Fall – Spring for Paris and Summer for Jess. I do think it was very well done – for all characters except Rory. You’ll see why when you watch, but to be vague… I just think her character was not true to herself. To me, she felt like a completely different Rory… not the Rory we knew and loved. It bothered me quite a bit. Rory has never been my favorite, but the revival made me dislike her even more. Meh. I mean, trust me – I can appreciate the ending and the last four words, but it just wasn’t “my” kind of happy ending.

Highlights: Paris is queen. Team Jess for life. Michel is the sassiest. Emily’s journey. Luke and Lorelai. (which, to be honest, was all that I could ask for.)

#2: Body Image

I always kinda get down on myself around this time of year (probably because I eat way more than usual). I am trying very hard not to – I’ve discussed body image on here before. But I am only human, and sometimes I can’t help it. Been pinning to my happy + healthy body board on Pinterest like crazy, which does make me feel great. It gets me out of my head and sets me straight. Because at the end of the day, I do love my body. My healthy legs have gotten me so far in this wonderful life, and my fully-functioning brain has led me to a career that I am wildly passionate about. Sometimes, I just need to slow down, get out of my head, and have a little reminder of how good life is. And the best part – the extra tummy fat has zero to do with it.

I am going to be a bit more mindful eating around the holidays – or try to be. After I quit sugar, I realized how it messes with my body (inside and out) and really want to get back on that! I just feel so much better and clearer without it.

#3: Holiday Season

We have already put up our Christmas tree over here! Anyone else? I also grabbed a couple festive decor pieces at HomeGoods… it makes the house feel that much cozier. I am about halfway done with my shopping, and am really trying to soak up all the holiday sights, smells, and twinkling lights. I love it!

#4: Name Change

My name is officially changed over – well, like 90%. I have two more items on my list and then I will be DONE!! This is such a weight lifted… oy. Name changing is a beast, but trust me – it feels really great when all is done. I am so looking forward to just being 100% done!

#5: Diet Changes

I touched on this a little bit while discussing body image, but I wanted to just talk about some of the things I will be focusing on in the coming weeks. I feel like I am always playing around with my diet and trying to figure out what makes me feel healthiest, happiest, and strongest.

Right now, I am focused on eliminating processed sugar and oils. I did both of these things a couple months back and felt wonderful. After the wedding and honeymoon, I kind of just let it go. But… I can feel a difference. I feel more sluggish and blah… so I am ready to focus again and get myself to a better state. Send over any awesome sugar-free or oil-free recipes, please!

#6: House Hunting

Joe and I have been house hunting in the city my parents live – it’s a quaint and quiet community and we really can see ourselves there in the long run… especially when we start a family (great school system!) Don’t get me wrong – we absolutely love our house. We have been here for 3 years and it has been nothing but good to us. The area, the neighborhood, people… everything. That said, we are in no rush at all to pack up and ship out. But, it never hurts to start looking. It is really exciting… I’ve always loved going to open houses and taking tours. So, that is what has been taking up a good chunk of our time lately. If we find something in under two years, I will totally be happy. I’ll keep you guys posted if anything awesome happens. Send over some good house hunting vibes ;)

That’s life right now – sorry for the lengthy, rambling post… but hey, this is me! Let’s discuss you now – comment your thoughts and own life happenings below. Talk soon, loves. xx bianca