Things I'm Loving

Things I’m Loving 3

Taking a little break from all the recipes I have been posting lately and reflecting on the things that have my heart at the moment – from music, food, television, and beyond.

Also, I just have to say… devastated over Carrie Fisher. She was one of my very first heroes to look up to as a little girl. She was a badass woman, and I’ll miss her presence. RIP, my fierce princess. What an inspiration. xx

1 // Overnight Oats
Plant-Based Diet: What I Ate
I sound like a broken record at home – Joe and I even put a jingle to “overnight oats overnight oats.” But, I am obsessed with them. Fortunately, it is a very healthy obsession to have. Make them!

2 // That 70’s Show
Currently binging, and I can’t stop quoting it to save my life. This:

3 // alt-j

Pick an album, any album. It’s interesting, unique, and moody. I’m feeling it this winter, and have had them both on repeat during my morning commute.

4 // Blender Muffins
Have you heard or tried this concept? I just did for the first time recently and I fell in love. The recipes take literally 5 minutes (just dump everything into your blender), then bake for no more than 20 minutes. I’ve been digging the gluten, oil, and sugar-free recipes. My favorite to date is this one, and I skipped the extra sugar but used pure maple syrup. These are great too, and I skipped the maple syrup because I figured the strawberries were sweet enough.

5 // Tea
Plant-Based Diet: What I Ate
In the summer, I prefer iced coffee to tea. But it’s winter, baby. Tea every morning and every night. Joe and I always drink our tea while binging Netflix on weeknights. It’s one of the highlights of our routine.

6 // Cosmic Whales
Just a blend of my two very favorite things: outer space and whales.

7 // Loaded Toast
Plant-Based Diet: What I Ate
Definitely been playing around with my toast toppings lately – my favorite is always avocado, but it’s interesting to mix it up.

8 // The Kind Mama
I loved reading the Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone, so I moved right along to the Kind Mama. Joe and I definitely want kids, and this book has been interesting to say the least. I love hearing about what works for other plant-based/vegan moms. Soaking up all the knowledge for the future.

9 // Pecan Milk
The Friendly Fig
I randomly started craving pecan milk, so I tried making it myself for the first time. Just 1 cup pecans (soaked for a couple hours), 3 cups water, tsp of vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Blend, strain, chill. It was really great!

10 // Peanuts
I’ve been finding an excuse to put peanuts on just about anything lately. It’s strange, because I never was a huge fan of them before. Taste buds are strange.

11 // Rogue One

Of course –  Star Wars forever for this girl. Rogue One blew me away, and all the little nods and cameos from the original trilogy had me squealing in the theater. Also, Vader. It’s fantastic, and dare I say… I think I prefer this one more than the Force Awakens.

12 // Sleepy Lotion by LUSH
This stuff is incredible. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful and delicious it smells. With hints of lavender and almond, it is the perfect dreamy blend before bedtime. It feels so luxurious – and the light purple color of it adds to the appeal. The only downside: it is a seasonal product (ugh!) and it looks like it already sold out. I wanted to stock up!! Anyone else a fan?

13 // My New Bag!
The Friendly Fig

Last but not least, my new favorite bag – my Minnie! My husband gifted me this tote bag with my cat’s face on it – so awesome. I just love her little face!! You can get your own cat bag on Etsy. The designer shares the same name as me, too. Love her!

Your turn. Share below, friends, and have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and enjoy your New Year’s fun! xx bianca