Elderberry for a Healthier Immune System

Elderberry for a Healthier Immune System

So, I am the person who asks, “have you been taking your elderberry?!” during the winter months. I got this habit from my mom, and now I’m a believer. If you’re thinking… what the hell is that? That’s totally fine – I’m here to give you the 411. If you’re an avid Walking Dead fan like me, it may ring a bell. Remember when Hershel (bless his heart) used elderberry tea to save lives during the swine flu breakout at the prison? YUP. And you bet your ass, I was SO EXCITED WHEN HE SAID IT!! I turned to Joe immediately – DID YOU HEAR HIM? ELDERBERRY!!

If you still have no clue what I am talking about, it’s okay – I’m ready to explain.

But first – I am not a medical professional (just a blogger with an appreciation for natural remedies!) If you have any concerns or afraid to give something new a go, you should definitely speak with your medical professional. I am just sharing my own personal experience with elderberry!

Elderberry is a plant extract from Israel that is bursting with antioxidants. It’s a little purple berry, so you can imagine that it is jam-packed with all the good stuff (much like blueberries and acai!) It is used as an immune system-booster for cold and flu prevention. The brand I buy is Sambucol Black Elderberry.

You can read more about it HERE in relation to studies and whatnot, but just a quick sample of what the article includes:

  • One study suggested that elderberry extract, Sambucol, could shorten the duration of flu by about 3 days.
  • Another study found that a lozenge with elderberry extract helped reduce flu symptoms when taken within 24 hours of initial symptoms

Again, there are a ton of studies and research out there, so do your due diligence by looking or speaking with your own doctor.

As for taste. Not gonna lie – it tastes delicious. I am also a huge fan of elderberry tea because of this (and keep this brand on hand – one of my go-tos before bed!) It’s sweet and syrupy – but really, take the recommended dose. That’s ALL you need.

So now, Joe and I take elderberry as a cold preventative to simply keep our immune systems up to par. We don’t take it everyday, but I will take some when I start to get the sniffles or just feel like everyone is sick around me. Nothing crazy – and honestly, I have no hard evidence that it works – but I know that I feel better. And, knock on wood, I am rarely sick. So… whatever is happening in my body, I am glad to be in tip-top shape. Elderberry or not, I feel great.

So I know, this isn’t a crazy post to be like TAKE ELDERBERRY or anything, but I wanted to share one of the habits in our home. With colds and the flu going around, we’re definitely doing our best to stay in good health. Plenty of fluids, vitamin C, plant-based eating, and elderberry. It works for me, so hey, maybe you, too?

Show of hands, please? Who else swears by elderberry? If you swear by something else – share! Let’s all stay healthy, friends. xx bianca