My Pregnancy Nausea Essentials Vegan

My Pregnancy Nausea Essentials

Nausea on and off, on and off. I got very lucky the first few weeks of pregnancy, but nausea hit me hard around week 7. I’m sure this happens to everyone, but at first I was like… oh how bad could it be, really?

Well, it could be bad. The worst part is knowing that this is happening and there’s not much you can do. You just need to realize that your body is working very hard to create the most magnificent human being, and all you can do is try and cope. So… I made it my mission at Target to find all the things that would keep me going – especially during work hours. I had a few really rough days, but happy to report that I got through it with the help of these products below.

What worked for me may not work for you, but hey… you never know. I hope this inspires any mom-to-be’s out there who are at their wits end and just need something to try.

Oyster Crackers and Saltines
// Either one worked great. I kept a sleeve of Saltines at my desk at work, and a huge bag of crackers in my purse. I slightly preferred the oyster crackers, to be honest!

Yogi Mother To Be Tea // I drank this sparingly (warm beverages were not always welcome) but when I did, it definitely soothed my stomach a bit. I went between this, ginger, and peppermint tea.

Gatorade // I know, it is loaded with sugar. I never in my life drank as much Gatorade as I did during my first trimester. Water would not go down without a fight, and Gatorade kept me hydrated.

Orange Juice // I thought this was strange, because orange juice is so acidic, but I kept craving it. I’d dilute it a bit with water because I get nervous with all the sugar, and it went down fine.

Preggie Pop Drops + Chews // Love that these are made with minimal ingredients and essential oils. The flavors are great and they definitely helped curb my nausea during the day. I sometimes sucked on one right before bed, too.

Peppermint Gum // The peppermint was cool and soothing, and would help me during work days!

Popsicles // When I felt like I couldn’t possibly drink a thing (and needed hydration) I would suck on a popsicle. I really liked these fruit juice ones with no sugar added.

Ginger Chews // I kept Gin-Gins with me at all times!

Luna Peppermint Bars // When I needed something with substance, I opted for the peppermint Luna bar because it has 8 grams of protein and the peppermint flavor helped.

Disclaimer: Later on, I realized that chicory root is listed as an ingredient on most Luna bars (if not all). I heard this is not good during pregnancy in large doses. I did not have an issue before I knew of this, and I am sure I only had a small amount, but I wanted to point this out. I decided to forgo Luna bars for the rest of my pregnancy – just to be on the safe side! If you are concerned, speak with your doctor.

Peppermint Essential Oil // Just a dab on each wrist! I would do this before work and literally smell my wrists from time to time. Not sure if it 100% worked on its own, but it was comforting.

Lavender Pillow Spray // Falling asleep was sometimes a struggle when the nausea wouldn’t go away. I started spraying lavender on my pillow before hitting the sheets to calm me down. Again, it was comforting.

These are just some of the things that – I believe – helped me get through the first trimester when I thought nothing would help me. All-day nausea is not a good time, so I am grateful for these products! If you have anything tried and true, feel free to add in the comments below. The good news is – nausea is not forever and it is most definitely worth it in the end. Stay strong, mama. xx bianca


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  1. Thanks for some interesting tips, in case I get pregnant again. Have you tried mineral water? I could always drink that, especially if it had been in the fridge overnight. The first time I was pregnant and I was very ill, for some reason, I craved endives. Vegan ice cream was nice too. Some type of musli/granola was nice too. I had oven baked/roasted (?) rolled oats, with raisins and chopped hazel nuts. I’m sure that can be varied according to taste.

    • Hi Camilla – I did not try mineral water! But that is great to know in case the nausea comes back. Thankfully my second trimester has been much easier and I am back to drinking water like crazy. I also like vegan ice cream and popsicles – anything cold helped. Thanks for sharing your tips with me! :) xx

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