Connecting With Body and Baby

Connecting With Body + Baby

Hi friends – just some musings and thoughts over here. I wasn’t really planning on sitting down and writing this post, but these thoughts have been on my mind… and I just kind of started spilling.

In the first trimester (and even early in the second) when my belly wasn’t showing, some days definitely felt like nothing was going on (well, aside from the reminder from nausea). I didn’t like feeling that way, and it encouraged me to start a daily routine of talking with my babe. Some days I’d be lying in bed before waking up, and sometimes it would be the quiet moments while lying in bed before Joe settled in. Just me and my little girl (and some lavender pillow spray).

I place my hands on my lower belly and set good intentions, and simply say whatever is on my mind. Thanking her for choosing us, telling her to take what she needs from my body to grow strong and healthy, asking how she is and wishing her happiness and all the good that life will offer on the outside. The quiet moments, intentions, and having my hands above her was my way of connecting and reminding myself that something beautiful is here and our lives are going to change (for the better) forever. It’s all very peaceful.

I also have been giving myself a bit more self love and thanking my body for what it is doing. If there is one thing that starts to sink in right away, it is the fact that your body is absolutely incredible. Some days, I cannot believe what it is capable of. When I get the little reminders from apps about “what’s going on in there” – I am in disbelief – how is this happening?! Your body just knows exactly what to do to perfect a little human. When I’m beyond exhausted, I give my body the rest it craves and needs – even when that means going to bed at 7 PM and Joe cannot believe I am actually saying “goodnight!” I’m doing all I can to accommodate this awesome body of mine.

It’s also liberating to stop caring about the scale. I’ve always tried to be that way – I eat as best as I can to nourish my body (treats included) and try to maintain what feels right to me. As my body continues to grow, I am letting go of the self-conscious thoughts of how I look and solely focused on what it needs to build the healthiest human possible. Sure, I splurge a bit (I’ve been really craving sour gummy candy) but as long as I am filling up on whole foods with the nutrients needed, I am beyond happy and grateful for the body that I have. It’s a badass.

So, at the risk of sounding cliche – this whole experience thus far has been mind-blowing and eye-opening. I’m looking forward to what’s to come. xx bianca