Pregnant Vegan Meals - First Trimester

Yogurt Piled High (Cashewgurt Review)

This post is long overdue, I know. The Forager Project sent me a ton of vegan goodies a couple months ago, but life has been crazy/hectic and I kept putting this post off. I apologize! But finally, I am taking time today to catch up on blogging and review the best vegan yogurt I’ve had the pleasure of eating (yes, best!)

I always want to share how I dressed up my yogurt with all the fixings – you know, just some inspiration. A review and my “recipes” after the cut. :)

I’ll be honest, coconut yogurt doesn’t really do it for me all the time. I like it, but sometimes I don’t want that low-key coconut flavor. Knowing my obsession with most cashew products, I has a good feeling that cashew yogurt would be my thing. When I heard about Cashewgurt, I could have cried of happiness! Vegan and organic. I emailed them right away to ask for samples and they very kindly obliged – in fact, they sent over more than just yogurt. This all showed up at my door:

Cashewgurt Forager Project Review

I love a generous company. And this post in no way is sponsored by them, but I really just wanted to rave and share my thoughts because I really enjoyed their products and I finally have a go-to vegan yogurt. So – vanilla and lemon yogurt. Let’s talk about each.


Lemon is one of my all-time favorite flavors, so I had a feeling I would love this one. It reminds me of lemon meringue (weeee!) and has a great, creamy consistency. I paired this bowl with granola, bananas, and frozen blueberries.
Pregnant Vegan Meals - First Trimester


You can’t go wrong with vanilla – it’s a classic and it pairs with everything. The vanilla yogurt was so indulgent and creamy, it actually felt like dessert to me (especially how I dressed it up). Not a bad way to start my day. I loaded this one up with granola, banana, and a couple tablespoons of peanut butter. This was my favorite – I preferred it to the lemon!

Pregnant Vegan Meals - First Trimester

If you haven’t gathered by now (lol), I highly recommend this brand. If you are a yogurt lover and want something different than the usual coconut base, cashew is a great neutral flavor with great consistency. Check out the Forager Project – or find them at your local Whole Foods!

Mmmm… anyone else want a yogurt parfait now? xx bianca


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