Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how deep my love runs for coconut oil. I’ve discussed it here before, and I stand by every word. So naturally, I turned to coconut oil during my pregnancy and researched ways that it could benefit me.

I know my body, and I know that I am prone to stretch marks. Honestly, I sprouted very quickly as a child (I was the tallest in my class in 3rd grade) and I have my fair share of (thankfully faded) stretch marks from sudden growth spurts/weight loss/gain/etc. So I really wanted to do my best to avoid them this pregnancy – as best as I could! I realize that stretch marks are inevitable for some people, but if there is anything I could do to minimize the risk, I’m game. Almost every woman I spoke to about their experience gave me the same answer: coconut oil.

You don’t have to tell me twice!! Starting at about 11 weeks into my pregnancy, I started using coconut oil after my morning shower, and again before going to bed. I thought it would be a little sticky (and it is at first) but my skin absorbs it very quickly. I also find that I prefer the oil to be hardened vs melted because it allows me to control the runny-ness. It also feels a bit more like body butter this way.

So far (knock on wood), I have been stretch mark-free! Sometimes, I mix a bit of lavender essential oil (especially at night) with it. Just a few drops, but it smells great and I tend to opt for lavender products at night – you know, calming and all.

If you are local, Job Lot has a ton of coconut oil options and they are very inexpensive – great bang for your buck! The one I just bought there is pictured above – 128 fl oz for $12.99!! I always get the largest jar, because it’s definitely become a staple in this house and my belly isn’t getting any smaller anytime soon. If you don’t have access, I also love Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil.

Aside from using it as my go-to pregnancy skin care product, I’ve also been adding it to my toast instead of butter, as well as adding some to my morning smoothies every once in a while. It’s very good for your insides – in fact, it is high in lauric acid (which is great for breastfeeding mamas!) You can read more about coconut oil for pregnancy and breastfeeding, here.

So anyways, another ramble about coconut oil. But hey, I hope this inspires you during your own pregnancy. I cannot say enough good things about it – plus, it just feels so luxurious after a long day. It’s become a part of my relaxation routine, and I look forward to it!

Thanks for listening to me and following along. You guys are awesome and so appreciated. Have the best day, friends! xx bianca