At Home: My Favorite Reusable Products

At Home: My Favorite Reusable Products

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of what we keep and use in our home. You may have noticed – I have talked about thrifting and re-using in terms of baby clothes a fews times in the past, but that is not all I am up to.

Slowly but surely, I’ve been replacing some items in our home with reusable products – you know, instead of using paper/plastic and tossing out daily. Thought some of you may be interested in hearing some of the ways we save paper and plastic in our home. These are some of my favorite new habits/products.

Cloth Napkins

Best Reusable Products
My favorite change this year – cloth napkins. I just toss them in with my own laundry load every two weeks, so there is really no extra water costs. Not only are the bright and beautiful, but I haven’t bought napkins in over a year. I have 24 and they last us over a week for the most part. These colorful cloth napkins are my favorite.

Reusable Straws

Not everyone uses straws, but I prefer them when drinking my morning smoothies. Instead of buying a new pack every few months, I just grabbed a pack of these reusable straws and never run out.

Reusable Bags

Best Reusable Products
You can never have enough reusable cloth bags. All different styles and prints in our home! I take them when we go grocery shopping or to the farmer’s market. This is definitely the easiest switch.

Rechargeable Batteries

I give credit to Joe for this. The initial cost of rechargeable batteries is a little more of course, but we always have charged batteries for our remotes without having to dish out money each time.

Mason Jars

Best Reusable Products
I love using mason jars as glasses, to store dried beans/lentils/grains, etc. A pack of 12 mason jars are super inexpensive, too. Joe often makes his own BBQ and hot sauce recipes, and these are perfect for storage. Same with me for salad dressings!

Though these seem like small – and maybe in minuscule – changes, they add up over the course of time. I can’t remember the last time I bought napkins, and I really love that.

What do you do at home to live a little greener? Share some of your personal habits in the comments below, because I am always ready to adopt some new green habits. xx bianca


2 thoughts on “At Home: My Favorite Reusable Products

  1. I’ve recently been making some changes as well. Plastic is in EVERYTHING, it seems! I started to see just how much I was throwing it away and where it goes after it leaves my house. I suppose that over the years, once it’s out of sight, I just never followed the act through with what’s really happening to that plastic that I’m throwing away. I have started using Meli Wraps and even found a tutorial on how to make my own, stopped buying saran wrap, sandwich bags, invested in compo-stable trash bags, bamboo toothbrushes, reusable cloth bags, mason jars for bulk buying at a local health food store, making my own almond milk and tooth paste :) A friend of mine started a website to help with the switch called and I also got the book called Zero Waste Living.

    • Hey Erin – wow, I am so impressed and envious. I am trying slowly but surely to get to that same place. I need to check out Meli Wraps and definitely reusable sandwich bags. I go through so many, and I really don’t want to be. Thanks for all the ideas and the site and book recommendation. Good summer reading material! xx

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