Choosing a Name: Our Favorites

Choosing a Name: Our Favorites

Hi friends! I think everyone here knows how obsessed with names I am by now (based on, you know, all the name posts). But when it actually comes time to name your really-truly-on-the-way baby… Joe and I bumped heads a bit. Names that I thought I loved suddenly didn’t feel right, and vice versa. It took us a little bit, but I think we finally have a strong first and middle contender. Her name is being used in our home and we’re getting used to calling it/saying it/singing it/the whole nine. We decided that we’re going to keep her moniker a secret from the online world until she’s born, but I thought I’d share our working list! These are some of the names we tossed around (and most of the time, did not agree on) but hey. They’re all gorgeous!

Any guesses on what we’re naming her? ;)

Favorites for Our Sunshine Girl:

  1. Allegra
  2. Alma
  3. Amara
  4. Aurelia
  5. Camila, nn Mila
  6. Camille
  7. Celeste
  8. Clementine
  9. Cosima
  10. Dahlia
  11. Daisy
  12. Emilia, nn Emmy
  13. Fiona
  14. Florence, nn Flora
  15. Hazel
  16. Indie
  17. Iris
  18. Isla
  19. Jane
  20. Juniper, nn Juno
  21. Lark
  22. Liv, nn Livy
  23. Lorelei
  24. Luna
  25. Marina
  26. Marlowe
  27. Matilda
  28. Mila
  29. Nina
  30. Norah
  31. Olive, nn Liv
  32. Soleil
  33. Tallulah, nn Lula
  34. Violet
  35. Willow
  36. Zara

3 thoughts on “Choosing a Name: Our Favorites

  1. You and I have very similar tastes when it comes to names! I’ve not had the chance to name a living child yet but so many of my favorites are on your list. I would pick one of the following…

    Allegra – this name is so happy!
    Aurelia – the golden sunrise makes me think of your little sunshine girl!
    Daisy – another bright, energetic, happy name!
    Indie – I love Indigo myself.
    Juniper, nn Juno – I love this!
    Luna – I love how magical this name feels.
    Mila – everything about this name is perfect. It’s short and sweet, unpopular but not unheard of, and has just the right amount of exotic flair.
    Soleil – perfect for a little sunshine girl!
    Violet – my husbands favorite as it honors his grandma Viola, it makes me love it more because it means so much to him.

    Any of your name choices would be beautiful.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Lainy!! Luna, Mila, and Violet were all very close runner-ups to our name choice :) There’s just so many beautiful ones!! xx

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