2017 Baby Girl Shower Haul

Baby Shower Haul

Hi friends! There’s really no words to describe what a beautiful day I had for my baby shower. If you follow me on IG, you know that I have been battling a terrible sinus infection for a couple weeks – and yes, I was not in great shape the day of my shower. I’ll admit, it was a bit overwhelming and tiring! But I didn’t let it stop me from enjoying the time with loved ones. We were literally showered with all the love in the world. I do not have many pics from the day (especially of myself – I wasn’t in the mood for photos with my puffy/tired eyes, even with sunglasses!!) but I wanted to share a couple sneak peeks below.

I’m also including a list of some of my gift haul. We are so blessed to have amazing friends and family who provided so many gorgeous and practical gifts. I hope it may even serve as inspiration if you are putting together your own registry – now or later.

Enjoy it all after the cut! xx

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Our Gift Haul

I’m sure it goes without saying that we received tons and tons of sweet clothes, books, diapers of all sizes, and baby wipes. Aside from that, we also received:










I’m excited to use these products – and see which ones we may not have much use for. Either way, we are so grateful and I will be reporting back once baby is here and we’re in a groove. I’m thinking maybe a post of my must haves vs. items we may not really use. What do you guys think? I hope that’d be interesting and helpful.

Enjoy the beautiful day, friends!