My Third Trimester Recap

My Third Trimester

I can’t believe I am actually sitting here writing this… this pregnancy FLEW BY. I feel like a lot of women say that it dragged, but not for me. Maybe it’s because the summer always flies by usually? I’m definitely not complaining – because oh man, I cannot wait to meet this sweet girl.

So here we are – a third trimester recap!

Also before getting into the rest of this post, I want to say that this is going to be one of my last post for a bit. I am going to take the time to focus all my energy on my beautiful girl and the first few months of motherhood. There may be a post here and there (especially if I am feeling inspired – trust me!) but nothing consistent or forced. I plan on being back full-time in the New Year (or at least 2-3 posts per week). If anything, I may try to keep up with the “what I’ve been eating” posts during this time because they are easy enough and I enjoy compiling those. They seem to be popular, too! Plus breast-feeding will mean A LOT of food for mama.

Regardless, I will be actively posting on Instagram and keeping up over there! So please follow me there for food posts, baby updates, and more. Then come January 2018, I’ll have lots of posts with musings and new insight on plant-based/vegetarian parenting and life with a newborn. I’m already counting down the days until I’ll be back. I’m going to miss being on here regularly, but I do think this is for the best. I want to make the very most of the days to come! And I know that I will come back inspired as ever.

So again, please connect with me on Instagram. I’d love to have you there while I’m temporarily absent from here. I’m so grateful for all of you. Thank you for following my journey. xx

Week 27: Passed my 3-hour glucose test – no gestational diabetes for me! That was basically the highlight of my week.

Week 28: I won’t lie – the last couple weeks have been hard and taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. I have been trying to keep it together and been good for the most part, but the exhaustion is real. Poor sleep lately, and it is messing with my mood. Hormones are pretty out of whack lately. The other thing that I hate even having to say but it is very real – not feeling or looking myself. I feel like a stranger in the mirror. I love feeling her and knowing my body is doing this amazing thing but it definitely has taken a toll on my mental state a bit. It’s a tough transition and I haven’t been handling it as well as I’d like. I know this is all normal, but wanted to just spell it out here. Having one of those weeks, I guess! Way to come in with a bang, third tri.

Week 29: I saw a GLIMPSE of her little 3D face this week. Just a quick glimpse because her hand was covering (shy girl or dramatic?) but it was such a cool feeling. I actually couldn’t believe that there was a little human face in there. Her lips *seemed* like mamas, but in the moment I thought “omg it’s Joe.” I wish I could have captured it, but hey. Only 11 more weeks – I’ll be kissing those little lips so soon [!!!!!]

Vegan Pregnancy Third Trimester

Week 30: This was one crazy busy and productive week – from assembling the changing table to putting up all her sweet wall decor, the nursery is actually starting to look like an ACTUAL nursery. We have also started buying in bulk at BJ’s (stocking up!!) It is so surreal. I am having more moments of “holy shit, we made a human and we are meeting her soon.” It’s bizarre. She’s also moving like a nut and I can’t get enough of it. I love watching the wave of my stomach, haha!

On another note, feeling really big and the aches and pains are really catching up to me. My back is straaaaining and my hips are worse than ever. Only 10 more weeks, thankfully! The nausea also came back a bit… nothing insane but definitely noticeable sometimes (mostly at night).

Week 31: Sorry, 31 weeks, but you were a week from hell. I was out of work for 4 days with what was first a virus, turned sinus/ear infection/eye infecion. I’ll spare you the nasty details, but just know that being sick while pregnant is the worst. I’ve been to the doctors 3 times in 4 days and have been put on some meds to clear it up. My baby shower is this weekend, so I really hope this clears by then!! Figures, right?

Oh well, I’ve been really lucky before this. I shouldn’t complain too much… especially since baby girl is still healthy and kicking away. That’s all that matters.

Week 32: Welp, sickness did not clear by the shower (and I am still dealing with it this week) but it was still a beautiful day. Thankfully, everyone understood that shit happens ;) especially in your third tri! We are so very blessed to have so many wonderful loved ones in our lives. I still can’t believe all of the gifts we received… it was an overwhelming day for sure. I’ll be sorting through them all this week and starting to put the finishing touches on her nursery. Exciting stuff (even if I am feeling like crap!)

Week 33: Oh hey, stretch marks. Just a couple on my left side! It’s funny – I did not realize they were stretch marks because they are not long lines or anything, just red dots? But my doctor totally confirmed. Inevitable, right? Now I’ve earned my tiger stripes (or leopard dots?)

The doctor also confirmed that she is currently head down, so crossing fingers she stays that way! She also let me know she will be a medium-sized baby. I don’t hate it!

My mood has been so much better lately, thankfully. I’m getting some nerves about child birth lately, but overall… feeling pretty ready. Room is done, most of the shopping/stocking up is done, etc. Moving right along!!

Week 34: Nothing crazy to report, except ow my back and hips. Turning over at night takes just about everything out of me these days! Nonetheless, she’s healthy, kicking, and I just can’t wait to meet her.

We did a huge bulk shopping at BJ’s Wholesale to prep for the months to come – doesn’t hurt to have a stockpile, right? I may write a post with my list… still deciding if I have the energy or not. You’ll know if I did because I’ll totally link it here when it is published.

(I totally wrote about it here.)

Week 35: The exhaustion is real. Also – random dizziness at times, that I am going to follow-up with my doctor about. I am sure it is normal, but need to be safe! She’s literally a perfect circle, though. See below – my little moon child!

My Third Trimester Recap

Week 36: Lots of BH contractions this week and just overall starting to feel beyond exhausted. I am so anxious to meet her. My doctor let me know that the dizziness is normal and nothing to worry about unless it gets worse. That was reassuring, at least. Finished packing the hospital bag, as well as my husband’s bag. Car seat is probably happening next week.

This week we also went swimming for the first time all summer and it was HEAVENLY. I’ve never felt so light… no back pain. It was literally the best day. We strolled around town, dipped our feet in the ocean, hit the pool, and then had the best plant-based cookout with parents. Joe and I still talk about this day. It was just magic and much needed before she arrives and our lives change forever.

Other than that, I can’t believe we’re in the home stretch – just one more month!

My Third Trimester Recap

My Third Trimester Recap

Week 37: Irritable. Just like… unnecessary irritation. Everything bothers me. I’ve heard about the third trimester blues, so maybe this is it? I just want to snap out of this funk! Trying to soak up the last month without a baby, but I really just want to meet her and for my back and hips to go back to normal. I guess that is why I am so irritated!

Side note, ordered a new “diaper bag” which is really just an awesome large regular bag with a diaper bag organizing insert. When I write a follow-up post to on what’s in my diaper bag, I will totally share all the details on why and which bag I grabbed… but in short: smaller and more “me.” I don’t want to lose “me!”

Week 38: Big and ready to have this girl. And yes, I’ve been eating spicy foods, pineapple, dates, and every other trick in the book. Come on, gf! Glad she’s still head down, too.

Week 39: Still waiting, my love. The 9th full moon has come and gone… let’s see if you prove the old wives tale true. ;) I’m only 1 cm dilated, but hey… a start! Joe and I have been taking lots of walks and I had myself a dance party to Florence + the Machine in the kitchen one night. If my baby girl is brought into the world with the encouragement of Cosmic Love, I’d be thrilled. Ha!

Week 40: I can’t believe we’re here – 40 weeks! As I sit here and type this, I am counting contractions. Not to get too into it, but yesterday I had an ultrasound for some monitoring and also had my membranes swept. Everything went well – no issues. Started having cramping and consistent contractions last night around 10PM. They are definitely getting stronger, but are staying in the 6-10 minutes apart range. I am hoping they progress today! If she actually comes on her due date (or even just in the hospital by tonight) I will be so surprised… but so excited!! I am just very ready.

Of course, this could also be false labor? I’m just trying to stay positive that we’ll meet this sweet girl soon. Thanks for following my 40-week journey to motherhood. I can’t wait to update you very very soon!!


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