What I Actually Used In My Hospital Bag

What I ACTUALLY Used In My Hospital Bag

As promised in my first minimalist hospital bag post, I’m here to share what I actually used in my bag. Apparently, there is a big difference in what you pack and what you really use. And I thought I packed minimally!

This is my own experience, so it may be much different for you. But I did just want to update and share – maybe it will help you decide what to keep or nix when the time comes for you. I know that if we do have a second baby, I definitely will be packing much lighter.

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I’m just going to copy and paste my exact list from my last post here, sorted by USED and DID NOT USE.


Non-slip fuzzy socks + slippers: Didn’t use the slippers, but yes to the fuzzy socks. YES.
Button-down front gown: Lived in this.
Nursing tank tops (2): I only needed one, because I found it easiest to just wear my nightgown instead.
Chapstick: Yes yes yes. Your lips really do get chapped!
Minimal make-up: I definitely used some mascara and lip color once I was all cleaned up and ready for a new day. It made me feel myself and put together!
Toiletries: I used some of my toiletries. I used: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, and these cleansing/make-up wipes from Pacifica. I did not use: shampoo, conditioner, or lotion. I actually did not shower while I was there… the cleansing wipes worked fine!
Hair elastics + headband: I didn’t need any extra hair elastics, but I do not regret packing them. I did use my headband, especially the next day when I wanted my hair to look semi-decent!
Going home outfit (for me): Of course I wore this home, except I swapped out the baggy black pants for black yoga pants. This helped me feel “all in place” and put together.
Going home outfit (for baby girl): Packed four, only used one. She wore a zip-up onesie home!
Swaddle blanket: I ended up using this pretty purple one by Carters. Not for swaddling, because the hospital swaddles are THE BEST, but for when we left the hospital… placed over her in the carseat. I am glad I packed it, because we also used it in her newborn photos and they came out perfect. One is all you need though – because seriously, I am obsessed with the hospital swaddles. They work the best at staying together and I still use the one I took every single night to put her down to sleep!
Cellphone + charger: Duh.
Wallet: Yes, you definitely need your license/ID and health insurance cards, at the very least.
My own pillow: I did really love having my own pillow and would recommend!


Robe: A lot of people told me the hospital would be cold, but I was overheating most of the time. I never used the robe – just my gown!
Nursing bra: Didn’t use, simply because I had the nursing tank… and who wants to wear a bra, anyways?
Cotton underwear (2): I used the mesh panties the hospital provided. I did not mind them!
Nursing pads: Did not need these at all, since my milk did not come in.
Nipple cream: Did not use this, but using at home for sure.
Prenatal vitamins: Forgot to take these, but I am almost 99% sure the hospital provided.
Flip-flops: Again, didn’t shower… so I didn’t need these.
Snacks, gum, mints: Didn’t use – the hospital provided so much good vegan food for me, not gonna lie! I also had popsicles during labor.
Birth plan: Didn’t even care to pull it out.
Boppy: I left the boppy in the car and never needed it. I just use excess pillows to prop her up when I was learning to nurse. It worked fine.

I’ll be honest – I felt too pre-occupied and tired to even care about most of the things I packed. It looks like I only used about half of it. The hospital provided so much and the level of care and service was impeccable. Anything I needed, I was provided and/or sent home with extras.

So like I said – if we have another baby, I’ll definitely be referring back to this updated list and go in with a much lighter bag (with way more room to take home hospital extras!) Then my husband won’t have to make a million trips to the car, haha!

I hope this is helpful. xx bianca