Follow Your Heart Vegan Product Review

Vegan Product Love: Follow Your Heart

It took me a long while to get into vegan cheese. I have mentioned it on here in the past, but when I first went vegan, I just couldn’t find a substitute I liked. I think it had to do with my tastebuds adjusting, because once they did, I started to enjoy vegan cheese blends and products more and more. And to be honest, I feel like there are way more options now then when I first started eating vegan. Actually, I even hated nutritional yeast at first (hated it) and now I can’t get enough. It’s crazy how your tastebuds will adjust over time. So basically, if you aren’t a fan of vegan cheese or think you are, keep trying! And most importantly, try a variety of brands because no two cheese substitutes are the same – trust me.

I’m so excited to have teamed up with the Follow Your Heart brand on this post, because they are by far my favorite for cheesy products – from slices to blocks to dressings. They just nail the taste and consistency. The cheese products melt beautifully – whether you are making a grilled cheese, pizza, or even adding to a soup.

So earlier this month, I reached out to Follow Your Heart to try some of their products that I hadn’t had in the past and I was not disappointed.

Vegan Gourmet Shreds

Cheddar is one of my favorites, and this one is awesome. It has the sharpness I was looking for and melts well. Great for taco nights! I also love it on pizza.

Speaking of pizza, I was really excited to try this blend since I haven’t seen it in any stores around me. My husband made me a vegan pizza with this and it was AWESOME. So gooey and delicious. Take a look:

What I Eat As A Breastfeeding Vegan Mom

You wouldn’t even know it was vegan.

Vegan Cheese Slices

I was really excited to try this because I love a smokey flavor. It wasn’t my favorite of their cheese slices (my go-to’s are the Provolone and American) but it definitely had that smokey taste I was looking for. It made for an interesting grilled cheese! I think it would also be GREAT in tomato soup… I think I am going to try that next.

A mild flavor, which is pretty much what you’d expect from mozz. Made it in a grilled cheese and it was great.

High Omega Dressings

Ahh, so bleu cheese was my favorite dressing before going vegan, so I was really excited for this. To me, it tastes almost identical! A bit more mild, but we made buffalo tempeh salad to have with this and it was so good. I’ll be keeping this in the house for sure!

What I Eat As A Breastfeeding Vegan Mom

The best ranch substitute I’ve had yet. Usually I make my own with vegan mayo, but this was above any of the homemade ones. I ate so much salad all week with this, haha! It was almost nostalgic because I haven’t had ranch dressing in years. Like the bleu cheese, we’ll definitely be keeping this stocked in the fridge. Also great for dipping carrot sticks!

Follow Your Heart is also the company who has the Vegan Egg product. I’ve had it before – and yes, it really does come as close as it gets to a scrambled egg. So much so that I was a little turned off by it? Not in a bad way, but just because I felt like I was eating a real egg – same smell and consistency. But that is the brilliance of it. If anyone is afraid to go vegan and will miss eggs, this is the product you want! I’m serious when I say this company truly nails the vegan dairy product game.

Are you a fan of the brand? I highly recommend trying some of their products if you’ve never had any… they are as good as it gets! xx bianca