Tips for Keeping a Clean House with an Infant

Tips for Keeping a Clean House with an Infant

Hi guys — update! Being home with Willow has been so much fun. An adjustment, but still… I totally embraced it. Aside from snuggling, bonding, and caring for her, I’ve had more time to work on personal projects, catch up on tv, cooking, and cleaning – yes, cleaning. Working full-time definitely put a damper on my cleaning routine. I was always too tired to clean when getting home from work, and then I would sort of rush through it on the weekend to avoid being home all day. But now that I am home, it’s definitely been much easier keeping up with it and honestly, not as much of a burden.

But baby or no baby, I think that most of these tips will be helpful for anyone who wants some motivation in the cleaning department. Just sharing some of the things that help me keep a tidier home. At the very least, I hope it inspires you to get up and clean something, haha!

And side note – after weighing all our options, I decided that going back to work full-time is not going to work for our family at this point in time. It was a tough (and scary) decision to make, but I am beyond excited to spend my days with Willow. I’ll be freelancing and working on the blog (which has always been my dream!) While it is scary leaving the corporate world, I am very much looking forward to being in charge of my own schedule and being able to work from home. That is a major perk of being a writer! I am so blessed to have this option. So any readers out there – thank you so much for joining me and reading my blog. You guys help make my dreams come true. xo

Clear Your Counters

One of the first things I did even before Willow arrived was clear all counters and tables and any other place where there was just trinkets and clutter. The less you have out, the less dust and spaces you need to keep tidy! Sure, I have a few things out but I am done spending money on this kind of decor. Cleared counters and tables are much cleaner and easier to manage in this house! Find a place for everything.

For example, I used to keep a cylinder on the counter with all our spatulas, cooking spoons, whisks, etc. Instead of keeping it out in plain view, I put them all into a plastic bin in the lazy susan cabinet (which is still next to the stove for easy access). Just taking that off the counter alone cleared clean space and looks 100 times better! If it doesn’t need to be out, find a place to store it.

Tidy As You Go

Don’t wait until one or two days a week to clean everything at once. Simply clean-up as you go through the week. If your child has toys everywhere, take 5 minutes to store them back into bins or wherever they need to be. If something falls on the ground while you are cooking, just pick it up. Oh, and while cooking, always put ingredients away as you use them and clean spills/messes as they happen. I’ve done that ever since I started cooking as a teenager and it’s one of my favorite habits. It’s way easier than having to deal with a huge mess once you are done! Wipe down your counters once in the morning, middle of day, and before bed. It takes literally not even 5 minutes of your time. You get the picture, right?

The point is – there are always little things that can be done in the moment that we sometimes neglect or forget because just don’t feel like using the energy. But I promise, this will make deep cleaning days much easier in the long run.

Motivate Yourself with YouTube

One of my favorite ways to get “in the mood” to clean is to quickly watch a couple YouTube videos of people cleaning theirs. Nothing will make you want to tidy up like watching someone else clean and organize their space. Bizarre, right? But honestly… it lights a fire under me and makes me think “ew, this house is a mess.” Whatever helps!

Quick Clean While Baby Sleeps

When Willow goes down for a nap, I start scanning the house for small things that can be done, whether that is folding a load of laundry or cleaning window sills. Just small tasks that can be down quickly – as simple as picking up burp cloths or re-fluffing couch pillows – will make you feel productive and the house look tidy.

Make Laundry Easier on Yourself

To be honest, I’ve found that a clean basket of laundry will just sit around and not get folded when I know I have to hang or fold everything neatly. While yes, I still need to do that for my husband and I, it’s not a crime to just toss baby clothes into the drawers – especially the onesies, socks, and sleepers. They are too small to get wrinkled! The same goes for hand towels. Whatever doesn’t need to be folded, don’t make more work for yourself! I use bins for these items and just toss them in. Less energy.

Scan Your Fridge Once Per Week

My husband sometimes thinks I am crazy about this but I avoid having to do a major fridge clean-up by simply scanning it at the end of every week and getting rid of things before they go bad/moldy. I always try to do my best to use leftovers but if something is just not going to be used or is not looking too great, toss it! Don’t wait. Do it now and then quickly spray down the shelf when it is cleared. I rarely have to deep clean my fridge because I do my best to know EVERYTHING that is in it and spray it down weekly.

Do you have any cleaning tips to share with me – or anything you swear by? Products, organization ideas, anything… I’d love to hear. xx bianca