10 Reasons to Use Amazon Baby Registry

10 Reasons to Use Amazon Baby Registry

Trying to decide where to register for your baby on the way is a job in itself. There are so many different stores and websites, but for me, it was an easy decision. I had used Amazon to register for our wedding and loved it so much. I just knew it was going to be a top contender for my baby registry. Once I got started, checked out the perks, and compared pricing to other baby websites, there was just no competition. If you are wondering why you should use Amazon, I’m laying out 10 important reasons that not only made registering easier and cheaper, but so satisfying.

This post is in no way sponsored or anything… I am just obsessed with Amazon.

If you are interested in seeing what my baby registry looked like, you can see that here. I feel like I also need to write a post on what I would do different and actually put on my registry now that I know. Maybe I’ll do that if you guys are interested, too. Spoiler alert: I would do A LOT of things different!

The one reason people tend to stray from Amazon is because people like to physically go to the store and see what they are purchasing. That makes sense! I actually preferred this as well, especially when it came to car seats, strollers, etc. To get the best of both worlds, I actually made of list of all the products I wanted to see in person and headed to Babies R Us. This was so helpful, because I actually did change my mind on a few items once seeing them in person! I made notes and compared prices when I get home to Amazon and refined my registry.

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that I’ll receive a commission if you purchase from this link. This will not change or increase the cost of your purchase. This extra income provides for my family and keeps The Friendly Fig running strong.

1. The largest online marketplace. With over 270,000 baby items at numerous price points and a wide variety of brands, you will find everything that you need, and then some. Anything that you see at Babies R Us will more than likely be available on Amazon (and most likely cheaper, too). Which brings me to…

2. Better deals than most department stores. I compared a lot of prices – from Babies R Us, to Buy Buy Baby, Target Baby Registry – and I found that Amazon pretty much had everyone beat on most items. Unless I had a coupon to Babies R Us on some items, Amazon was always the winner. Do your homework if you are not sure and browse around, but I have a good feeling you’ll find that Amazon is the best bang for your buck.

3. FREE Welcome Box for Prime members. If you are a Prime member, you can receive a Welcome Box, valued at $35. It contains a variety of mom and baby products and samples. I know the contents inside change quite a bit, but just to give you an idea, I received: Avent baby bottle, swaddle blanket, diaper samples, on-the-go diaper clutch, nursing pad samples, baby lotion sample, Aquaphor Baby sample, wipe samples, and plenty of coupons. I was pretty excited about it.

4. 10% Completion Discount or 15% if you are a Prime member. Once your registry is complete to your content (you will have to make it 100%), you will receive a completion discount on any items you purchase on your own after your shower. This was great for us, because there was definitely a lot leftover on our registry after the shower. Plus, we ended up adding a couple other items we remembered last minute. If the item is fulfilled by Amazon, the discount will be applied. You can learn more about this here. One thing to note that is important – this discount is only good for one sale. So make sure you have everything you want to have the discount in your cart at the time!

5. Free shipping is easy to hit (even if you are not a Prime member). As long as you have $25 worth of items, you will be eligible for free shipping. You don’t even have to worry about shipping if you have Prime. This is not only great for you, but I am sure friends and family will appreciate this perk. Even those Prime members who shop last minute will have a guaranteed 2-day delivery.

6. Diaper rewards. This was probably my favorite perk. I cannot tell you how excited I was to get $100 worth of diapering products once $1,000 of items were purchased off the registry. That may seem like a steep number, but trust me, it is very easy to hit if you include your crib, stroller, and other big-ticket items. Once that number is hit, you are able to to choose from a large selection of diapering products. It included items such as: diapers (Huggies and natural brands), wipes (Huggies and even some natural brands), cloth diaper inserts (they make the BEST burp rags, too), diaper genie refills, diaper rash cream, Munchkin Arm & Hammer dirty diaper bags, etc. We stocked up like crazy once we had our shower and saw what we were gifted.


7. FREE 90-day returns. Most of the items purchased on your registry will be eligible for returns 90-days after purchase. Amazon makes it easy to return items, too.

8. Ability to add products from any site. Amazon is a universal registry, so if you are eyeing an item on a different website, you can easily add it. They offer instructions on how to do this, here.

9. Family members can shop registry online but buy in another store, if they prefer. There is a button that allows friends and family to mark an item as “purchased” if they found the item elsewhere for a better price. This makes it really easy for anyone who prefers to shop in person.

10. Easy access from your cellphone. Amazon has a clean interface when working on your registry from your cell phone. You can add/delete and pretty much do everything else on the go at any time! No need to be home to make changes. So if you do decide to go browse Babies R Us and want to change something on your registry before someone grabs it, you can make that change in an instant.

I’m telling you – Amazon Baby Registry is the way to go. To get started on yours right now: Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry. I am be biased because I am a Prime member and use Amazon to make purchase almost daily, but Prime or not, it is a great choice. Anyone else a fan? xx bianca


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