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30 Personal Wellness Q&A

I filled this out well over a year ago and had fun looking back on my answers. While some of my answers remain the same, a lot of things have changed. So I’m updating! I hope that you’ll share some of your answers with me in the comments below. I love things like this. It’s just another cool way to document who you are. What better time than the start of the New Year?

Daily Breakfast: water + a breakfast burrito is my current favorite, but I alternate the burrito with peanut butter on an english muffin, sometimes.

Daily Supplements: still taking a prenatal vitamin along with b12.

Reason for Plant Based Life: my answer remains the same for this always: for the animals.

Fave Workout: I’ve been slacking, to be honest, but if I had to pick something… probably just walking with Willow.

Daily Water Intake: A LOT. 8-10 glasses.

Favorite Juice Recipe: I haven’t been drinking a lot of juices lately,
but I do enjoy carrot, apple, and ginger.

Go-to Smoothie: frozen banana, frozen cherries, frozen strawberries, almond milk, cocoa powder

Simplest Way to Improve Health: same response as last year – stop eating processed foods!

Fave Health (Superfood) Item: cacao

Fave Fruit: mangos + nectarines

Fave Vegetable: cauliflower + mushrooms

Go-To Website/Blogger: I’ve been loving YouTubers lately… some of my favorites are: Liv B, Mina Rome, and Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen.

Fave Cookbook: thug kitchen

Best Health Tip: eat the rainbow + drink water all day, every day

Best Fast Food Option: I never eat fast food, but probably subway

My Food Philosophy: kindness begins in the kitchen – kindness towards yourself and all sentient beings.

Food Items I Can’t Live Without: fruit, beans, and peanut butter

Go-To Lunch: burrito or burrito bowl!

Best Tip for New Vegans: it’s not about being perfect, it’s about doing the least harm and the most good – don’t worry about failing, just move on! (same as last year exactly)

My Current Mantra: eat plants, not friends.

Ingredient I Tend to Avoid: spirulina, nori, or any other fishy ingredient!

Where I Go For Inspiration: pinterest

Current Food Obsession: burritos (this is almost always it)

Favorite “Pick Me Up”: hot soy latte

Favorite quote: “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” -Joaquin Phoenix

At Least Once a Week I Cook: lentils, brown rice, greens, and a protein (like tempeh)

Best Restaurant Tip: check out the menu online before you go! if all else fails, fries are usually vegan. also, you can always make a meal out of sides (fries, rice, vegetable without butter, etc.)

Favorite Recipe: currently, I’m into buffalo tempeh.

Fave Place to Grocery Shop: trader joe’s!

My Health Passion: to be living proof that animal products are not necessary to live a happy, healthy, delicious, and fulfilling life. (exactly the same as last year)

Your turn! Share some of your answers, please <3 xx bianca


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