Organic Baby Love: Burt's Bees Baby

Organic Baby Love: Burt’s Bees Baby

Hi friends!

Willow is officially rolling over – and all around. We recently transitioned her into her own crib in the nursery, too. So you can imagine… it’s like “oh yay, you did it!” and then immediately “oh no, will you be okay in the crib?!” My doctor assured me that if she is strong enough to roll onto her stomach, she is definitely strong enough to turn back over if need be. I know I am just being paranoid, but I obviously want to do everything I can to give her a safe space when she drifts off to dreamland.

So I turned to the Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper – their wearable blanket. But honestly, we use so many Burt’s Bees Baby products in our household on a day-to-day basis, so I figured I’d share some of our favorite products with you, including the Beekeeper.

Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

Organic Baby Love: Burt's Bees Baby

The Beekeeper is a relatively new product from Burt’s Bees Baby, and I was really excited to have one, because like all their clothing/bedding, it is made with 100% organic cotton. I honestly could not imagine sleeping without a blanket, so I know Willow definitely love having some extra layers and comfort at night. This is so soft and cuddly for her. It is also a sign that it’s time for bed, which has helped immensely when it comes to our bedtime routine.

I also love that it is wide enough for her to move and wiggle around (she never really enjoyed being confined) and the best part… it zippers from the top down. This makes nighttime diaper changes SO much easier. Plus she can stay toasty warm on top. This is a must for any babies who are rolling over in their sleep.


Organic Baby Love: Burt's Bees Baby

These are just my favorite. There are so many footie pajama brands out there, but none are as adorable and comfy as these. Funny story, too. When we flew to Delray for our first family vacation, she was wearing a Burt’s Bees Baby sleeper on the flight, and a woman stopped to tell me that I had good taste – she always buys Burt’s Bees Baby for her grandchild. Loved that! They have the best colors and patterns, the feet are just adorable, and the organic cotton is soft on her skin. The fabric is also breathable, so I feel at ease knowing she won’t overheat. We have so many of these… it’s hard not to grab them when there are always new styles to enjoy.

Nourishing Lotion

Fragrance-free and gentle on her skin. Cruelty-free. That is all I ask for in a skin care product!

Diaper Rash Cream

This always takes care of any redness or rash right away. It does the job, so I am happy!

Crib Sheets

Organic Baby Love: Burt's Bees Baby

We stocked up on 3 crib sheets before Willow was born, and I trusted Burt’s Bees Baby to have this covered. I don’t want my daughter rubbing her face into a toxic product. Organic cotton is soft and gentle. The Honeybee pattern (in Blossom) is my favorite, but I also have the Blossom solid and striped.


We grabbed a 5-pack of the organic bodysuits. It’s cold in New England right now, but I will layer these underneath her sleepers for some extra warmth. The blossom pink is so pretty on her.

Anyone else a huge fan of Burt’s Bees Baby products? I really can’t wait for the summer months, because I bought a few of the organic rompers for her. I can’t want to see those chunky legs in them. You’ll definitely be seeing some photos come the spring! xx bianca

*This post is sponsored by Burt’s Bees Baby – all opinions are my own.

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