Vegan-Friendly Hot Spots in Rhode Island

I guess you can call this part two of my favorite vegan restaurants and hot spots in Rhode Island. You can find my first round of vegan restaurants in Rhode Island in this post.

One of the cool things about living in RI, for me, is the fact that we are a super vegan-friendly state. You’ll find options and hole-in-the-wall places both North and South of the state.
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Providence Farmer's Market

Hope St. Farmer’s Market [Providence, RI]

Hi friends! We had the best weekend, and one of the highlights was the farmer’s market. In my opinion, the Hope St. market in Providence is our state’s best. There’s a TON of stands and lots of variety between each one. If you are local, I highly suggest you make this a priority before it packs up and takes things indoors after summer/early fall. I ended up spending a little more than I planned on, but there was just soooo much good stuff. Plus, it was like 90 degrees out (it’s been crazy humid here – and lightning storms like whoaa) and all I could think of was making a huuuuge tomato, corn, and cucumber salad for lunch. But then there was fresh kale… and the prettiest purple eggplants, and squash, anddddd purple potatoes! And fresh bread! And everything else under the sun that I needed to have.

Isn’t it glorious how stunning real food is? Like really. So here I am, happy with my purchases:
Providence Farmer's Market

And my favorite pineapple bag, which I snagged from HomeGoods. And here’s a secret – that watermelon is yellow on the inside. Yellow!

So take a look at what my Saturday morning haul looked like, and enjoy the veggie and fruit porn below ;)
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The Friendly Fig - Boston Vegan

A Weekend in Boston

hi guys!

Ah, I am so excited to share our Boston adventure over the weekend. Joe surprised me with a reservation at True Bistro and a suite for the night. It was absolutely glorious, and seriously… what did I do to deserve this?! He’s just the best. Even just one night an hour away from home feels like a luxury vaca, ya know? Plus… all the vegan food. Like… out of control, so good. Lots of pics below the cut and some commentary – I hope you enjoy! If you haven’t been to Boston, it’s a beautiful city and deserves all the love.
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Dave's Coffee Rhode Island

Dave’s Coffee – Charlestown, Rhode Island

Hi hi hi – coffee lovers?

We recently visited the infamous Dave’s Coffee (the Charlestown, RI shop) and I was pretty much blown away – by the coffee itself (duh) and the atmosphere. I loved it so much that I wanted to share some of the gems that I snapped! It is hands down, my new favorite coffee shop – the gardens and ambiance alone is swoon-worthy.

We were both pretty boring and got the usual iced coffee (mine with vanilla, soy milk + 1 sugar in the raw packet) but luckily the taste is anything but boring. So smooth! They serve their coffee hot, iced, or frozen. They also carry specialty teas, smoothies, chai, and these monstrous homemade muffins. The muffins are not vegan, but wow… color me impressed. They were HUGE! And the kitchen was the size of a closet. I couldn’t believe it. The fan kept blowing all the smells from the kitchen into the line – it was magical.

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The Fantastic Umbrella Factory

The Fantastic Umbrella Factory

Hi friends! This is a local post – if you are from Rhode Island, then you probably already know about the Fantastic Umbrella Factory in Charlestown. If not, then you’re going to want to go ASAP – trust me!! This is literally RI’s greatest gem. The entire property is pure magic – from a bamboo field to botanical gardens to henna to arty stores to a delicious cafe… and everything else in between. I’ve been coming here since freshmen year of high school, and I always make a point to visit during the summer especially. It’s unlike anything else, and it’s full of whimsy and treasures.

Also – if you’ve ever said to me, “I love your earrings/rings/necklace!” then just know it was prrrroooobably from here ;) I have basically bought out the whole store over the years. It’s also where I grab all my tapestries, wind chimes, and sundresses.

I just can’t say enough good things about this! Words won’t do it justice, so I am going to just plop all of these photos on here. If I had to choose what my heaven would look like… well, here it is, folks. <3
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Rhode Island Coffee Spots

Coffee Hot Spots in RI

good morning :)

Let’s talk coffee. I never wanted anything to do with coffee until sophomore year of college. Surprisingly, it wasn’t because I was too tired or pulling all-nighters… it was because sipping coffee in a lecture hall somehow made the class go by faster. Maybe it’s because I had something else to do aside from listen? I have no idea, but… it helped. I would grab my iced blueberry at Bagelz on campus and be good to go.

Since then, I’ve become a coffee feen. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is grab coffee with Joe at our favorite shop and walk around town. It’s perfect. I mean… look…
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Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

Shopping Vegan at Ocean State Job Lot

If you live in New England, you are lucky enough to know of a special place called JOB LOT. It does not sound sexy at all, right? But oh, it so is.

Job Lot is a store that carries a whole lot of random stuff at a discounted price. From food to tools to patio furniture to clothes, rugs, pet items, sunglasses, pots, pans, gardening things, hair care, skin care… basically everything you can think of. We have a ton of them in RI, but recently a super Job Lot opened close to us (when I say super, I mean like… WAY BIGGER and much more organized than the Job Lot I was used to). Joe laughs and tells everyone I should be the spokesperson for them because I cannot say enough great things. Every time we go, I am in heaven. We went opening day of the new place… it’s like that. Anyways, who the hell knew that Job Lot offered SO MANY vegan options at such a low price?! I honestly can not believe how much I find there that is #1 cheaper than usual, and #2 rare! From a whole wall of coconut oil products to all the Beanitos’ flavors under the sun (for $2!)… it’s everything.

So naturally, as the unofficial spokesperson of Job Lot, I wanted to share some of the incredible vegan finds that I always pick up there.

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Vegan Disney World

Vegan in Disney: Days 1 & 2

So Disney 2015 was a total success! My family + Joe are all Disney-crazy, so we had a great time. And let me tell you all about them vegan options. The most wonderful place on Earth is also one of the most vegan-friendly places on Earth. Seriously, I ate so much. It’s disgusting. I got to experience the legendary Chef TJ, too. Have you heard of him? Just google “Chef TJ Disney” and that’ll explain everything you need to know about this vegan god of a man.

I thought it would be nice to share my vegan experiences with you guys, and some of our pics! Let’s start with days 1 & 2.

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