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Blogger Spotlight: How to Vegan

I’m super excited to introduce you to a friend and fellow vegan blogger, Brooke from How to Vegan. You may recognize this name if you follow my Facebook page, since I recently posted a picture of her vegan mac and cheese (which is INCREDIBLE, btw). How to Vegan is a place to find recipes, answers to your FAQ vegan questions, and just some serious inspiration. I especially gravitate towards the vegan clothing/accessory posts because I’m trying to be better about this, myself.

I asked her a few questions so that we could all get to know her inspiring story better – and keep a lookout, because next week she’ll be sharing a guest post with us. It’s titled “How Committing to Cruelty Free Living Saved my Mental Health,” and it’s definitely something I think each one of us can relate to on some level!

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Share & Swap: Sprinkles and Skirts + RECIPE

Happy Saturday, cuties! Are you ready to fall in love with a new blog? Of course you are ;)

We are so excited to feature Colleen from Sprinkles and Skirts. Love her story and her contagious optimism. Oh, and I think I fell in love with her when she posted this Brownie Batter Smoothie Bowl. This girl knows her way to my heart! Okay, before I embarrass myself any further, I am going to let her take it away. Wait until you see the vegan donuts at the end… oof. Enjoy!

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Share & Swap: Seasonal Veg Head + Recipe!

Oh boy, are we excited for this Share & Swap feature! It is my pleasure to introduce Jaime, the Seasonal Veg Head! I’ve been a big fan of Jaime’s blog, and I think that you all need to get to know her a little better, too. Her recipes are ALWAYS mouth-watering, and so so inspiring! Since joining the blogging world, her site has been one of my go-tos, and I am so glad to have e-met her!

Jaime has a lot to say about healthy living and CSA, so I’m going to let her take it away! Oh, and you’ll enjoy (read: get jealous over) her experience being an extra on the Gone Girl set, and meeting Ben Affleck (in her town!!)

Seriously though, I’m so jealous.
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Share & Swap: A Lazy Girl Goes Green

I spent some time getting to know Miss Trudi – and she is freaking wonderful! She is the creator of A Lazy Girl Goes Green, and has a lot to share with us about sustainability and how to minimize your impact on our beautiful planet. I think we could all use some green tips… so, I’m just going to let her take it away!
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Share & Swap: YouHippies

Our very first Share & Swap feature! If you aren’t quite sure what that means, take a stroll over to the Share & Swap page. We are so so excited to have our first guest, YouHippies! I connected with these guys on Google+, and I immediately felt the love exuding from their site. I have a strong feeling that you will, too. Let’s get to know them!

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